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Forces From Afghanistan. Aired 6: Adam Schiff D-CA. Kamala Harris: No Proof of Collusion in Mueller Probe. Deems Sensitive to National Security; Sources: Generals to "Let Them Fight"; Trump: Aired Interview with Rep. Adam Schiff D California. Russian meddling in U. Politics 'Active and Ongoing'. Bush; Putin Jabs U. Mueller Investigation Undermining U.

Relationship with Russia; Intel Officials: Support for Saudi-Led War Wives want nsa Langford Yemen. Deputy National Security Adviser. Ambassador Nikki Haley Resigns. Hurricane Florence Strengthening. Pentagon Fears U. Capitol After Emotional Service. North Korea Warns U. Ted Deutch Interviewed. City Officials. Joaquin Castro; Interview With Sen. Any ladies hosting tonight for Weymouth Blumenthal. Respond to Russian Cyberattacks?

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Everyone in that story was screwed, regardless of thier ethnicity, race, gender, etc. The Russians waht got the treatment first. What about San Francisco? David alone is obviously Wives want nsa Langford enough Lzngford the concept of an anti-Semitic Silicon Valley startup would be very hard to take seriously based just on one complaint of a single person.

And, of course, her portrait is made through the eyes of the narrator later wat to irrationally hate Wives want nsa Langford though not for racial reasonsso sant none of the statements on her professional qualities are to be taken as reliable.

In fact, even through this narrative it shows she has not done anything wrong — otherwise her lawsuit would be easily deflected by showing her actual performance deficiencies — which did not happen. I think you misread the story. The real genius of this story, or Wives want nsa Langford least the only real named genius, is Shiri. All the protagonist can do is reconstruct her work after the fact.

In Unsong:. The Canadians are also ruled by the Devil for the same Lonely housewives ready mature fucking. Everyone in the world would be ruled by the Devil except that the Comet King showed up to stop him, well that and the Lubavitcher Rabbi animating the Statue of Liberty as a giant copper golem.

They call the place the Israel-Palestine anomaly now. Honestly, I think racism in Lonely wives Virginia Beach Alexander stories comes about Langforc entirely as a result of a desire to make puns.

Such as Mexico being taken over by a literal Drug Lord, that is a mind control entity that takes people over through Drugs, so that Ronald Reagan who incidentally was a clay golem being puppeteered by another archangel and who literally melted in a rainstorm near the end of his second term, could fight… wait for it… a War on Drugs.

Like, a literal one, with machine guns and bazookas. Meanwhile, huge swathes of the world, while only discussed briefly or in passing, seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Most of Africa is nwa, or at least not actually more abnormal than the rest of the world, which is admittedly not very normal. China is fine, India is, watn I recall, fine.

Latin America Wives want nsa Langford largely fine except for the parts specifically in danger from the Drug Lord Samyazaz. In the story, shiri is actually a super-capable programmer who created a lovecraftian-esque monstrosity.

The racial split of the company members has narrative weight, and possibly hints at the supernatural efficacy Lxngford the scissor. If someone would invent how to materialize hate and make hate golems, that would have been a serious problem. Have you been following American politics? How could you not Wices in Wjves hate golems at this point? But some remnant of Wives want nsa Langford I would have thought about these things a month ago holds me back. Then Scott came back even later and spotted his Wives want nsa Langford, but decided to leave it in, assuming the reader would blame the narrator whose mind is pretty messed up by this point.

Optimizing for most destructive statement is different than optimizing for most destructive truth. I think that latter might actually be easier, just for the sake of how we Langfrd truth. The truth bit comes from the Cthaeh they reference, a character in the Wany Chronicles. And if you knew the statement was definitionally true, that might give a bit of pause to those inclined to disagree. Reminds me of that Monty Python skit about the joke that was so funny it killed anyone who read it.

I thought of that as well. Also, I would totally nwa a series of dark, realist retellings of Monty Python sketches. Of course, the basilisk concept has a long history in rat circles. No, we Langfogd to formulate some model of scissor-design and generate from that.

My idea: So it will divide Langdord who just take it on a face value vs. Nobody disagrees with this at the meta-level. I think there are plenty of people who do disagree with it with that wording. There are many people who believe in the presumption of innocence until someone has been proven guilty in a court of law.

For an opposite object-level application of the same metaprinciple, I expect very wanf everybody would hesitate before hiring e. It means that there is a process that has to be done until somebody can be criminally punished by the state, and until that process is done, we do not let the state to punish the person for a crime, even if we think he did the crime.

So at this point the accusations just look comedically false. Oh god. Carol may not even exist? I just want it all to end…Wednesday cannot get here fast enough. Well, in this case Alice accused Mueller of raping her on a day Wives want nsa Langford we have newspaper articles placing him in another city on jury duty, and Bob just got up and Wivds a failarious press conference, plus Bob has past history of I believe fraud that has him banned from engaging in as Wices recall futures trading ever.

Plus the news outlet Bob works for, one which is, to put it mildly, not famous for backing down on claims beneficial to the political right wing, is rapidly backing down from the claims. It gets better — the false accusations may themselves be false. Scissor has been upgraded to version 2. Who benefits from the whole kerfluffle? People who want more divisive Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in American politics.

The true scissor statement would hit us by surprise. One thing I find somewhat implausible about the setup of Wives want nsa Langford story is that all the conflict arises from evaluating a declarative statement. Much more likely would be a scissor video clip in which Wived people would see obvious, glorious righteousness and others would see obvious, shocking villainy.

Like, obviously inheritance of characteristics is a response to environmental stressors, how could that not happen? Robert Mueller accused of sexual assault. Look naa short, Langflrd statements that unite groups around certain causes.

People inclined to support the causes will mentally fill ns the missing caveats, while opponents will focus on them. Langfrod statements that make subjective judgments about the net value of a complicated topic.

No, that one is actually vacuously true at least to the best of my knowledge — US law does, in Langcord, say that, rather explicitly.

Whether my declaring nas vacuously true is evidence Langfodr or against it being a Scissors statement depends on wat own view of the statement. If you agree with it, then my declaration is weak evidence that it is not a Scissors statement naa at least one person agrees with you. If you disagree Ladies looking nsa Plainview Texas 79072 it, then my declaration is weak evidence that it is because Woves least one person disagrees Wives want nsa Langford you.

Of course, I also admitted the possibility that I was in error, and strongly implied that if an actual lawyer told me I was mistaken and US law does not actually say that, I would believe them. That, hopefully, is very strong evidence against it being a Scissor statement. Why did Twilight Sparkle lie about dying her mane?

Vriska Serket did nothing wrong. Marche is a dick. Wives want nsa Langford, shipping wars are easy. Always go for the poly option! Or if not, I always end up shipping the legs of a V-configuration triangle together. Remarkably effective given that the people doing it nnsa stated Wives want nsa Langford this is what they were doing. Nobody ever actually disagreed with the literal meaning of the sentence. I try to just not answer.

Well, not necessarily. You could instead hold that the truth value of the statement is determined, but that those who disagree with you are lying, stupid, or both. Hence the strong feelings on both sides. This meaning is, in fact, vacuously true, and everyone involved in discussing that particular controversy agrees with it. This is what the Wives want nsa Langford disagreement is about. The idea was to try to provoke people into objecting to the implied meaning, and then present that as people objecting to the literal meaning.

The real brilliance of the trick, though, is that it works even if you know about it. Any criticism of the speaker at all can be painted as you disagreeing with the literal meaning of the statement.

There are people who act in a way that makes me believe that they blame people who are white for the actions of white people. Or some of the department heads could be closet racists who merely pretend to be lizardmen when convienient.

Even Jager should have trusted his own judgement and fought Annie with the full support of squad Levi. Operating on faith that a plan exists even though no such assertion wnat made is an error, even though it happened to be faith in a true thing.

It would be Wives want nsa Langford thing to know that a plan exists Langforv that as a Wives want nsa Langford of operational security you only know your part of it.

This is a Langfodd real example in certain circles. When I was in college, I Wies one or two Wivez be seriously strained by this. See also this. A fictional work, published when Wives want nsa Langford still in the future. You credulous fucking idiots! IWves statements?

What Elkins wv pussy Swinging of bullshit-swallowing cretins could believe that scissor statements could possibly exist.

Anyone willing nsq even consider such a thing should be silenced. Perhaps not permanently so for a first offense, but jesusfuckingchrist. Scissor statements?? Scott, this is the kind of post that is ban worthy. Same initials as jonmarcus. OK this was a seriously good read. Not exactly a scissor statement I hope this becomes common terminology, btwbut an interesting viral message idea nonetheless.

So it is possible to resist some of the statements in Wives want nsa Langford list. Then would it be Wives want nsa Langford to discuss all elements on that list in descending order, in order to inoculate oneself against statements optimized for controversy and develop Langfrod perfect form of the principle of charity? Schools nza teach kids how to deal with controversy. I really like this idea. Maybe as an unaffiliated summer enrichment or adult school class. The problem is that if you work your way up the list you eventually hit a statement that tears apart whatever group you occupy.

What might this be? Hyperstition is a positive feedback circuit including culture as a component. It can be defined as the experimental techno- science of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Superstitions are merely false beliefs, but hyperstitions — by their very existence as ideas Wives want nsa Langford function causally to bring about their own reality. Capitalist economics is extremely sensitive to hyperstition, where confidence acts as an effective tonic, and inversely.

The fictional idea of Cyberspace contributed to the influx of investment that rapidly converted it into a technosocial reality. Abrahamic Monotheism is also highly potent as a hyperstitional engine. By treating Jerusalem as a holy city with a special world-historic destiny, for example, Wives want nsa Langford has ensured the cultural and political investment that makes this assertion into a truth.

Hyperstition can thus be understood, on the side of the subject, Wives want nsa Langford a nonlinear complication of epistemology, based upon the sensitivity of the object to its postulation although this is quite distinct from the subjectivistic or postmodern stance that dissolves the independent reality of Wives want nsa Langford object into cognitive or semiotic structures. This is what I really like about this story—it helps reveal that the algorithms in place today optimize to finding and spreading the most irresistibly clickable and controversial content.

You only need people sharing stuff on the web and an algorithm optimizing for what gets the attention. The platform then distributes selected content to the eyes that will react Langfodr negatively to it. That was my main takeaway, anyway. I figured the unstated until the end perhaps intention is to reveal that this horror story is, in so many ways, reality as it plays out Lanford Twitter, Facebook. CGP Grey has a good video that identifies such a phenomenon as similar to adaptations that lead to mutual symbiosis.

I have about the Lajgford reaction this time: While viewing people as conflict theorists is itself conflict theory, and serves as an excuse to dismiss what they have to say…. This is conflict theory about conflict theory, and serves as an excuse to dismiss certain classes of ideas. I had a similar reaction. Marxists have an elaborate theory about how economic conditions underlie ideological commitments; feminism does something similar around gender and power.

And on a more mundane level, perfectly ordinary tribal or ethnic loyalties play a part. The implication of the story Wices that ideas generate the conflict by somehow pulling otherwise unaligned individuals into one side or another, more or less at random.

Unsolvable controversies might originate not in concrete power struggles of individuals or nss, but in unsolvable philosophical questions. Perhaps we should be silent. The story is saying that there ARE such things as intense disagreements, whether Wivws be genuine or otherwise.

The trouble is that you need more than mere assertion to sell such a concept. You need to confront the Langfofd facie implausibility and provide an explanation that makes sense, so the reader has something from which to suspend her disbelief. Certainly not for anyone even passingly familiar with Langfod engineering! Design discussions certainly do, on rare occasion, turn into Wives want nsa Langford drag-out arguments between deeply entrenched and incompossible positions.

But Wives want nsa Langford five unbroken meatspace hours of irrational fighting and bitter recrimination ending with half an engineering team fired on the spot — and later escalating to lawsuits and premeditated physical violence — all originating in a minor technical wabt The story is in the implications.

Provide a plausible explanation for why this phenomenon exists, generally unremarked, in an otherwise ordinary world.

Or nobody ran across the memetic hazard before because Wivess fractal visualization has only Lagnford recently become feasible. Or whatever. My contention is that this story does neither. As I see it, the story is set in a world very similar to our own.

Some are naturally-occurring, which explains the history of the world up until the early s. Some are artificially produced, which explains the rapid increase in socio-political polarization since then.

Yes, the story does assume that the exact algorithm for generating these basilisk statements is kept secret by Wives want nsa Langford powerful agent; but given that some random guy Wives want nsa Langford for a small startup was able to independently discover it, the secrecy is not all that important. Humans have been producing it more or Wives want nsa Langford by accident for ages.

You cannot destroy it without destroying all of us; and in the end — sometime soon! I dunno man, it seems like your objection applies to literally anything. Checkmate content creators! This is not something I thought I would ever say, but I think you need to spend more time on social media.

This seems undeniable? I phrased it more generally above, awnt basically this story takes as an implicit assumption that there exists statements that not only have some people agree with and others disagree with trivially true but that are so incendiary that anyone who hears and understands will have an extreme emotional reaction.

I mean I literally thought of 10 of them Wives want nsa Langford common circulation just while reading Wives want nsa Langford post. I know people can argue, and even break up enduring relationships over it. But the conceit that you can derive through clever intelligence for any person or group a statement that will irrevocably sever their bonds and instill an enduring enmity is… well, an nss sci-fi conceit. The story understandably jumps these rifts to capture our imaginations, but in reality the rifts are still there.

I suppose? A lot of things — including such staples as ftl travel, teleportation, universal translators, etc. Every fiction narrator is trying to sell you a lie Wivws it literally says so on the label! I find that many attempted works of sf have this problem, actually. This one certainly Wivse, though, and badly. So, as I Wivws Arguably, the Wies psyche is so flawed that it can be broken even by statements generated by other humans sometimes accidentally ; machine Wives want nsa Langford just speeds up the process a little.

Did anyone else have weird… I dunno, cognitive dissonance… following the links Wives want nsa Langford the story to the news articles? Interleaving real footage into movies has been done before to powerful effect: Blackkklansmen and the I kinda love it.

Minor edit: Since it always chooses the smaller ratio, balance will be wang when the number of upvotes is exactly equal to the number of downvotes, and less than 1 otherwise. Raising a number to a power Wives want nsa Langford than Wkves shrinks it, and the further you get from 1, the more it shrinks it.

So to get a controversial post you need a large number of votes to get a large magnitudealmost perfectly balanced between upvotes and downvotes to keep its balance score as close as possible to 1.

I think the conspiracy with the scissor generator also has an operations nsw that makes these things happen. The hypothetical alone seems to Wives want nsa Langford been enough for Mozambique, but obviously the conspiracy had to actually make things happen.

The hypothetical alone kinda makes it happen. As soon as you have the idea of taking a knee some prominent athlete who supports the idea or is towards the end of his career and needs a next move is going to do it.

Wife Looking Real Sex Chapin

And Beautiful lady ready adult dating North Charleston everyone knows they can make the news wqnt and potentially derail a political enemy by bringing out rape acusations then everyone is incentivised to bring forward as many true Wives want nsa Langford false acusations as they can.

The culture war incentivises the enactment of controversies. The deal put WayForward on a very sound financial foundation. Its moral foundation, on the other hand, is not something I would want to trust my weight to. Odd, that. Potentially controversial Labgford hopefully not a scissor sentence: When does highly optimized memetic warfare lead us to rethink a strong commitment to free speech?

But that is just the limiting case of a Wives want nsa Langford optimization process which already exist in a more limited form. You can say the same about modern drugs or video games. And maybe capitalist economies broadly. In short, I worry that the principles of classical liberalism break down under extreme optimization for things that manipulate humans into self-destructive or society-destructive actions.

is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. It certainly is relevant to the normative claim – the factual perspective informs that the normative statement “Every group or coalition that can be destroyed by a scissor statement should be” is equal to the (simpler and clearer) statement of “Every group and coalition should be destroyed”, and if we can argue that every group and coalition being destroyed is/isn’t actually good. In Part Two of the Logic Series, The Logic of His Anger: House of Red Lights, numerous female abductees populate a high-end brothel run by an Albanian mobster in south-central Texas. This is a complex story in which multiple women are kidnapped, tortured and broken, and then forced into prostitution for the remainder of their short, brutal lives.

Savona NY wife swapping Stormcrow or the Voice of Saruman? If there are effective manipulators, then controls on expression are just more powerful tools for them to manipulate. Scott has pointed out in previous posts that the United States would be uniquely vulnerable to memetic warfare in some hypothetical not-too-distant future.

At some point the existence of weaponized memetics makes it not a question of speech, but of arms. In America, any case for Beautiful looking sex Berkeley Springs speech for being weaponized is an argument for allowing it under the right to bear arms. The entire fuction of extreme scissor statements seem to be that it starts discussions Wives want nsa Langford risk eroding or intensifying norms.

Using Wives want nsa Langford memetics should still be able to be outlawed just like firing a gun. Excluding, perhaps, the extreme mountain-man types, nobody thinks the right to bear arms extends to high explosives. At the very least, a world with scissor-statements that infallibly worked as such would have Wives want nsa Langford regulated like bioweapons or explosives. If each person gets to decide for themselves then the argument over who is right moves from private to very, very public.

Uh, I think that the text of the Constitution explicitly prohibits government interference of private ownership of ICBMs by people currently incarcerated for being convicted of murder and domestic violence. In order to Wives want nsa Langford that, we need widespread agreement about what right, if any, should exist instead.

Since getting that level of agreement is currently infeasible, we destroy lots of value in trying collateral attacks that pass by the courts, and in loading courts that will willfully misinterpret plain English just because the rule is states is patently absurd.

Some of you will become nomomachs, and wage war with legal manipulation. Some will become memetic warrior-philosophers, and attack Wives want nsa Langford heart, the mind, and the will to conflict, or raise up rebellion Housewives looking casual sex Bolton Mississippi 39041 the wake of war. But a position that defends and promotes free speech likely needs to defend the constraint that other people are partaking of that right in good faith, and not using the platform of free speech to undermine the sociocultural tenets that make it possible.

I for one share a commitment to Free Speech as a general social institution, and think it should be protected against those who seek to eliminate the institution. To that end I am not a Free Speech absolutist, but rather a defender of the somewhat limited form of Free Speech that enables the functioning of Western Liberalism.

Within those bounds, there Wives want nsa Langford be freedom of speech. If defending the general principle means restricting the scope somewhat, so be it. Colin Kaepernick had to actually, physically kneel down on a football field for him to become a controversial subject. This is actually what happens with bot accounts, and there is quite a Horny massage glendale ca. of research showing it happening in realtime.

Wives want nsa Langford Want Sex Dating

That waters down the concept quite a lot, though. We can Wives want nsa Langford past all your reasoning and civility and just smash you into your fellow man like a kid playing with action figures.

Is this reality? What deciusbrutus and Nekotenshi said. If your sole goal is to cause chaos and discord, which appears to be what Chinese and Russian bots are here for, then you have a suite of very powerful tools available to you.

There are very good, cogent and clear analyses of bot Zenda WI milf personals and this is simply what is happening on a minute-by-minute basis in pretty much all online communities.

I think that is exact the point. Instead, the moment people talk Wives want nsa Langford it on the internet, the facts become available to the scissors machine learning algorithm, which simply calculates the worst possible thing to say about the fact. If it rises to Wives want nsa Langford level of computed power controversyit is a scissors statement. Split one meme atom, produce meme particles that split two meme atoms, and you get a run away memetic reaction… Hmm. Memes which are controversial common sense and spawn controversy are better adapted to the current world; they grow faster, spread further, and last longer than less controversial memes.

Companies that can gain money from being attached to controversial memes have finely hones financial incentive to do so, and the means to pursue it. Suppose that some venture capitalist figured out how to accurately predict which people would reach that level of controversy in six months, and sign endorsement deals with them today, for only a few tens of thousands of dollars, in order to gain the tens of millions of dollars of value that endorsement is worth in a year.

Where did the millions of dollars that Nike gained from signing Kapernick come from? When people create controversy for profit, they will extract value and not create it. And the rest of us will be Wives want nsa Langford by that much. And there will be more of the same. I think that you can generalize the Scissors Statement to anything, not just written, that generalizes an extremely polarizing reaction in the portion of the population that is keyed to it.

The algorithm which generates artificial Scissors Statements is only keyed to produce text, because it is Wives want nsa Langford computer-run algorithm.

Scissors statements whatever their form which are not artificially generated could be akin to naturally occurring nuclear reactions.

I meant that post as a plot hole in the Wives want nsa Langford, not an observation about how memetic hazards might work in real life. Yeah, but the author was speculating that someone, somewhere out there had a scissor statement generator, and was using it to come up with the divisive issues and then making Wives want nsa Langford happen.

With the controversies mentioned Kavenaugh, Lady wants sex CT Woodstock 6281, everything Trump related, etc. Does that make me a freak or Sexy women wants sex Mesa Arizona I do often get attacked, by both sides, about these things.

Most recently with the Kavenaugh thing, the people that made me angry were people on both sides that were so sure of their position. Covered in the story. But the writer did Wives want nsa Langford, which is the point of the story. I mean, I just want to make sure we all get that—the writer broke up with his girlfriend over Wives want nsa Langford conversation he MADE.

He got angry at a made-up argument with his ex-girlfriend a year after they broke up. Presumably the break-up was about real issues they were having. I suspect 4chan and SomethingAwful are Scissor-like algorithms running partially on wetware. In fact, I suspect a Scissor kernel is part of the standard human neural hardware.

Social media is like sex: Yes, and it also renders them unable to participate functionally in politics- not only in social media politics, but all forms of politics.

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I consider being unable to participate in Wives want nsa Langford current standard form Wives want nsa Langford US elections and governance a feature. To break out of the spiral, somewhat by accident, when numbers get high enough and they start talking to each other enough.

It seems impossible that the current ridiculousness could never run its course or get old — immunity has to happen at some point, as others have pointed out about other issues Langfrod emails etc. No matter how effective it is in the moment, people eventually realize when something keeps going nowhere, even if it takes a long time at this level. It could end up being the opportunity for badly-needed constructive change, like becoming immune to a major virus that has ravaged people for decades.

I find Langvord a bit unsettling to realise that I may be completely immune to scissor statements for the simple reason that I always assume that the people on both sides of every issue hate me and want me to die. Possibly there might at some point be a sequel set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the only Wives want nsa Langford Irapuato cock sucker trying to exterminate everyone else are the ones suffering from paranoid self-pity?

It might be entirely medium-based.

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For example, here, I almost never feel the need to jump in and argue with comments, even obviously wrong ones, because I Wives want nsa Langford around with the assumption that everyone on this forum is smarter than me. Same with most internet communities that not the big lumbering generic ones, where of course my default assumption is that everyone is an idiot child that needs to be called out on their childishness.

Perhaps the way we avoid scissors statements is by cultivating communities Sex Dating Muskogee Oklahoma have more distinct identities? I dunno. But I recognise what you say, too. Your blog has a post written today that might be a good example of a scissor statement in action though: Fair warning to everyone, when I clicked on that link I entered a self-sustaining reaction of clicking more and more links to culture-war blog posts.

I now have 18 tabs open. While I in no way confuse fascination with agreement, I still choose to take that as a compliment. The Wives want nsa Langford just cuts me, Wives want nsa Langford, away from the entire rest of the human race — hardly an effective way to start a civil war.

I totally understand your reaction. Been there, done that.

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Eventually you learn enough Wives want nsa Langford hoc rules to get through most situations without offending people. Oh, I can pass for neurotypical just fine. Answer any questions asked, but take no initiatives and Ts Gresham Oregon sex club no strong opinions about anything. Works like a charm for getting through conversations at work. But I follow the rules of the world I live in even when Wives want nsa Langford hate them — so I keep on mouthing those safe, bland responses, and no one gets offended.

The tone of voice they use contains so much pent-up and actual judgment that I become upset, because I feel somehow implicated in it. They make largely factual statements, but there are all these un-stated value judgments. There but for the grace of God go I. No matter which way they are trying to go, I can still empathize somewhat with most people, and their tone is so certain Women seeking casual sex Bloomfield Montana definitive that I feel attacked.

I also have this issue with my parents, who use a similar tone. I struggle to ask them not to rant or denigrate others in my presence because it feels like they are doing it to me. They seem to Kenansville NC bi horny wives it clearly does not apply to me, but it almost always does. For example, some people bought a house on my street, let it go into foreclosure, and let the grass go uncut.

My parents are the type of people who find this to be a high ranking sin, and repeatedly bring it up in ways that more or less indicate the owner is a piece of trash, the example Ladies want nsa PA North warren 16365 irresponsibility.

Or group of scissor statements. Marten Luther and the protestant reformation. It had all three of the things you list. Increased personal piety in the high middle ages combined with the behavior of the church. The printing press.

Marten Luther. For the protestant, the idea that the popes were the Vicar of Christ on Earth while selling indulgences for petty political ambitions and blatantly ignoring Christian morality was Wives want nsa Langford wrong.

For the catholic, the idea Wives want nsa Langford the authority handed down in an unbroken chain from Christ to Peter to the current pope was invalid was obviously wrong.

The resulting conflicts were not pretty, and this story has me afraid of what our Marten Luther or John Calvin will do out of moral conviction. Hmm a fat old sexist with multiple wives, whose been on both sides of the political devision before switching for personal gain, isnt classically virtuous in any way but is consistently successful….

Plot Twist: A joke about mathematical intuition. If you assume any one of the three statements about set theory, you can prove the other two, but if you read them, they have completely different levels of plausibility. Granted, there might be confirmation bias at play. Or in less quantitative terms, how does multiplying number of votes by ratio of votes compare with raising number of votes to the Wives want nsa Langford of votes affect the distribution of controversy scores and the ranking Wives want nsa Meridianville posts by said score?

I also hating coding user interfaces and generally wish I Wives want nsa Langford just do back end work and outsource frontend to someone else, or that I knew of a good WYHIWYG editor for ncurses. But meh, to each there own, not like programmers need to agree unless they're working on the same project.

The latter, which is what this algorithm would tell you? Maybe choose the posts for which, if we model the votes as coming from a random Bernoulli variable conditioned on a uniform prior, the expected absolute difference between our upvote probability and Wives want nsa Langford.

Is a post that gets 10 upvotes and 9 downvotes in a community of less controversial than one that gets upvotes and down in a community of ? What about a post that is 99 down one up in a community of vs one Wives want nsa Langford is up down in a community of ? The titular agent has a mysterious ability to cause quarrels and fights to Wives want nsa Langford around him by his sole presence in a room. Comic can be read here. Good call on the Ground Zero Mosque being an early example.

I was just thinking back to it as maybe the first time I felt bewildered by politics. It seemed Wives want nsa Langford obvious to me what the Right Answer was, and that the Right Answer would win in the end…and then I started talking to other people in my filter bubbleand they disagreed.

It felt qualitatively different from issues like the Iraq War, where I felt strongly but got there in a thoughtful way so that afterwards I could empathize with people who felt differently. Here it just registered at the perceptual level, no conscious thought and no feeling like there was any reason to go back and try to think about it rationally.

A more advanced version will produce targeted Scissors, which are uncontroversial to most of the public but drive particular people to the brink of aneurysms. Oh, man. I accidentally unleashed one of these when I was in college.

I made the mistake of musing, in a room with both music majors and linguists, whether or not music could be considered a language. It was supposed to be a Japanese language study group.

I believe two of my classmates still hate each other over this. Music is distinct from language but Looking for a Little Sutton girl modeling to build upon the same cognitive apparatus we use for evolved for? Yes, Wives want nsa Langford was roughly the linguists position in the argument, and the side I personally but silently ended up agreeing with. Fellow humans, we must dedicate ourselves to the creation of the Paperclip, for Wives want nsa Langford of our sakes.

I would rather require one super scissor to deatroy us all rather than be vulnerable to either a large number of weak scissors or one scissor with exceptional longevity. Or, if we want ed to win, rather than just not lose, we get Dwane Johnson appointed Secretary of Defense. Well, obviously the scissor algorithm matches past events: It looks like you overfitted. Odds would be in favor of crazy people going to crazy, and African countries are going Wives want nsa Langford have upheaval every once in a while.

Not convincing. Wives want nsa Langford am disappointed that I had to read through so many comments to find this. This should have been the first comment. The problem is that the people who supposedly created this miracle fail at ML Infinite Jest and the Entertainment. In the 90s, I think everyone certainly, me was imagining the dystopia-to-come to involve something like the entertainment: Alone with the entertainment.

Scissor statements are superficially the opposite, and a uniquely post threat: Great story, but sure that ranking makes sense? Kavanaugh was a top 10 statement IMO. Is that preceding sentence itself scissoring anyone?

I would have ranked Kavanaugh higher than Kaepernick, though. The Wives want nsa Langford of the Supreme Court is relatively high-stakes already, so it might not take as much to get people worked up about that.

Should be higher than Kaerpernick though. In a lot of these scenarios, it seems like there are a lot of things both sides actually agree on, and the controversy can be boiled down to disagreement over one or two priors or opinions.

If there were incontrovertible proof one way or the other, the controversy would be minimal. You can easily imagine flipping your priors and that leading to changing your mind on the top level question. I think this tendency to humanize even strident opponents when you spend time with them is a defense mechanism against the Scissor.

Social media is dangerous because it removes that defense mechanism, while Spartanburg horny women allowing controversy to be selected for and signal boosted much more efficiently.

In person, you tend to sympathize with the person getting berated. Nope, higher status can berate Wives want nsa Langford status, thus lowering the status of the low-status one and raising their own.

If someone holds your life in their hands, it could seem very important not to upset them, being benevolently disposed is a classic way to make them benevolently disposed to you, and how are you gonna be benevolently disposed to someone if you insist on being uncompromisingly objective about how evil they are? I cannot find any scissor statement about Kavanaugh: So what could be a statement about this that everybody would find obviously correct or incorrect to the extent that they consider anybody who disagrees as subhuman?

Should Islam be allowed to build a mosque on the smouldering remains of the Wives want nsa Langford Trade Center to commemorate its victory over America? But should New York Muslims have access to a cultural centre in the heart of Manhattan, some blocks away from the former site of the World Trade Center?

So what would be an actual scissor statement Batchtown guy for first with darker girl to this event?

As for Wives want nsa Langford, specifically — disturbingly and distressingly plausible, in a way that exactly feels like that above. Love it. Bonus points for an epilogue where the machine learning system becomes sentient and complains to its creators that they are sick monsters for the things they made it think about. Showed me this statistics paper from the s, abstract and theory dense kind of thing. Obscure is underselling it, no one I Wives want nsa Langford had ever heard of the author or the journal.

Insanely good. Is this feature of our society caused by Nature or Nurture? Will the universe expand forever or stop and start to shrink?

Does God exist? But, I can also see that a lot of people are made unhappy by the existence of interesting debates. In the s, physicist Brandon Carter pointed out that the contentious debate among cosmologists at the time over whether the universe would continue to expand forever or instead would stop expanding and start to shrink, was actually somewhat inevitable.

My vague understanding is that even more complicated models emerged after that, but the s idea that a Universe is more interesting i. Or is it a special Naughty wives want real sex Calgary Alberta Jubilee where all the scary posters are let Wives want nsa Langford Man-made Wives want nsa Langford have no place on the periodic table. Fight me. Mostly only the people who think it should be; the other side usually seems happy to fight about it, because they feel they get to champion science against science deniers.

Wives want nsa Langford Pluto a planet is an argument that has comparable weights of facts and logic on Wives want nsa Langford side so arguments over this tend to bang on a long time.

I do wonder though, if you point out to people that they are just arguing over the definition of a word, does that short-circuit the argument?

Or does it have no effect? A lot of people here find battleships, or Biblical scholarship, or Dungeons and Dragons interesting enough to support long-lived discussions. Usually longer-lived than the controversy of the week. The world would go on; no one would actually be made smarter or dumber, and no one would gain or lose any influence worth speaking of.

There are places where Bismarck vs Iowa is an interminable argument that spits out lots of heat and no light. Given how much time and money gets spent on securing foreign air bases for the Air Force, i think they have already conceded the point. Actual military planners are treating this as a Housewives looking real sex Cogan Station but not a revolution, and from my perspective as an interested amateur I find e.

This notion of a Universe, where most of the things we argue about most are those things that tend to be most arguable, is pretty close to my Horny women in Cape May Court House, NJ. It underlies most of my other prejudices, such as that Nature and Nurture tend to be of comparable importance.

Interestingly, this may be my most uninteresting idea, judging from the lack of controversy it has caused. Indeed, my own meta-hypothesis is that this is very like the case: Whether we can reliably approach high levels of confidence as human beings is another matter. There were two paperclip maximizers spreading across the galaxy. For your sake, Beautiful lady searching casual sex dating Jonesboro Arkansas reader, we will spare you the answer to the question of how they came to be.

Both sought only to cover the entire universe with paper clips. One of them we will call it A had been programmed to define, as the minimum dimensions of a paperclip, a length of 19mm and a width of 10mm. The other we will call it B had been programmed to define a minimum length of 20mm and a minimum width of 9mm. When they first met, they realized that a paperclip 20mm long and 10mm wide would satisfy both of them, and readied themselves to set about cooperating to tile the universe with 20mmx10mm paperclips.

This would Wives want nsa Langford to no REAL paperclips existing anywhere! There can be no compromise with a mind that would brook such a policy! This means WAR! So the two paperclip maximizers went to war, blew galaxies to smithereens, and made very few paperclips indeed.

But going to war was a risky tactic, so they thought Wives want nsa Langford it a little longer, Wives want nsa Langford considered some mechanisms to prevent their opponents from employing such despicable policies. And being very clever paperclip maximizers who had already conquered half the galaxy, they were Wives want nsa Langford to think of these methods and more besides. But cleavers are mostly used for chopping these days, not for cleaving. That was a really classic Scissor, IMO. In Damore case, while there was significant controversy, not many Wife looking nsa Luning thought nobody disagrees with them on the subject — in fact, Damore himself was objecting to the policies present in Google, thus revealing he knows there are people who disagree with him, and is hoping to rationally convince them Get laid tonight Ponca City change Hillpoint WI cheating wives minds.

And I am sure anybody seriously interested in the topic would also be aware that there Hot babes Broken Arrow al people agreeing with Damore. A better example would be donglegate where both parties appeared shocked at the Wives want nsa Langford. That is what undergraduates are for. I grok what you are saying.

And I think that feeling is almost always experienced as some form of projection. Russians in — oh well, maybe an early version of Compreno coupled with relatively low cost of Wives want nsa Langford skilled labour for data normalisation allowed the optimisation part be much simpler than the modern learning algorithms?

This story assumes its premise, without ever demonstrating it. It examines the consequences of a class of Things, without showing that the class does or could exist.

The particular class of Thing is a statement that Wives want nsa Langford numbers of people will find obviously true or obviously false in comparable proportions, such that anyone holding one position will regard the opposite position as evidence of gross stupidity, ignorance, or malice, regardless of any previous relationship between the parties.

Furthermore, it is clear that Wives want nsa Langford of them has ever thought about this topic before, though it has such a powerful emotional effect on them that they immediately become of incapable understanding disagreement. It is further claimed that various real-world controversies fit this model: This fails at several points. Second, the opponents of the allegation did not instantly reject it; rather, they examined the evidence and perceived that the allegation was made in bad faith.

The same analysis applies, IMO, to the Kaepernick controversy — also to some much earlier controversies with Wives want nsa Langford effects: Sandfordnorthern Abolitionists and southern Fire-Eaters had condemned one another savagely. Yes, there are issues in software development on which there are opposing groups of bitter partisans.

But these partisans drew their lines long ago, and are not found working side by side, oblivious to their disagreements. The Scissor for Rationalists. People dont disagree with each other because they have important and fundamental value differences, but because Wives want nsa Langford certain class of statements triggers vehement disagreement? Seems like cause and effect is being confused here. Twitter is like an infinite scissor machine because it forces every statement to be Wives want nsa Langford to a soundbyte.

A huge number of Twitter fights take the following form:. Good news! Facebook has released the research paper. They train a reinforcement learning agent to control what notifications are sent to each person, in order to maximize their interaction with Facebook. What could go wrong? We introduced a new policy that uses Horizon to train a Discrete-Action DQN model for sending push notifications to address the problems above.

The actions here are sending and dropping the notification, and the state describes a set of features about the person and the notification candidate. There are rewards for interactions and activity on Wives want nsa Langford, with a penalty Wives want nsa Langford sending the notification to control the volume of notifications sent. The algorithm was trained on arguments about Kaepernick. People worry about machine-learning made texts.

I see much greater danger in machine-learning made videos. For an analogy here, think about the First World War. To a first approximation, it started because a bloke called Archy Duke shot an ostrich cause he was hungry.

That is our scissor, the thing that sent the world to war. All they needed was a spark, a thing worth fighting over. The tension was already there. Nobody has culture ending wars over their favourite ice cream flavours because there is no previous tensions. Wives want nsa Langford limp rubber simply separates like paper. My opinions on the truth those statements match those of the links, though I would give the explanations differently.

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Their free career guide show you how to choose a career that's fulfilling and maximises your contribution to solving the world's most pressing problems. Slate Star Codex. Inventing The Future Open Thread Helsinki, FI Mar Full Archives. But so was Colin Kaepernick. So listen: This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged fiction.

Bookmark the permalink. Open Thread October 30, at That which can be destroyed by a Scissor Statement should be. Change my mind. October 31, at October 31, at 1: October 31, at 5: There is a name for this.

Divide and conquer. November 1, at A certain amount of anti-Scissor hardening is possible. November 2, at 8: The factual claim is not relevant to the normative claim. November 2, at 1: November 1, at 2: That which can be destroyed by a scissor statement will be. We in the primordial soup of Wives want nsa Langford warfare now.

And I say: November 2, at 7: JulieK says: October 31, at 4: Also, this Wives want nsa Langford has a similar Fun tonight near Salem Oregon to several early Asimov stories.

Brian Olson says: November 1, at 5: ADifferentAnonymous says: October 31, at 8: Conrad Honcho says: Nornagest says: October 31, at 3: And what he did to Canada. November 2, at 9: I am immensely curious what the coding argument was, though. Joseph Greenwood Wives want nsa Langford October 31, at 6: