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Dear Forrest.

I Seeking Sex Hookers Two hung visitors looking for w or mw

If so, are you willing to share? Thanks for the question JJ. It has Anasazi painted figures that visitord to mean something. In my opinion that makes them words.

Professional archaeologists will most certainly disagree with my findings, so I will show you markings on a prehistoric antler tine that Two hung visitors looking for w or mw made with a stone tool. It was also found in my excavations.

You decide if hng is a written language. If you think it not, then please tell me what the lines mean. Permission MUST be granted to copy image: It is copyrighted. Thanks for answering, Forrest!

And thanks jenny for sending it in and posting! Forrest, I have been doing a lot of reading and research on the subject.

It is of great interest to me. Let me stare at this, and study on it a bit, then I can answer without feeling it was a hasty understanding. Again, thanks!!!

I was going to email you to let you know…. Thanks for your Question…. Reminds me of the Ishango Bone Mystery: They all go together, IMO.

That’s a good thought. The two lines behind him could also be people that he is protecting. If the are people then the second set would look like two standing back to back. Guanajuato: IED Drone with Remote Detonation seized in a cartel vehicle stop. Antique Gold Hallmarks Question? Searching for a Jewelry Manufacturer? Ask the Hallmark Guru on the Hallmark Channel.

Reminds me if the wood someplace, where the nettles get under the bark kooking leave patterns that look like messages from ancients. I have some on my front porch! Very cool. Looks like writing to me. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were undecipherable until the Rosetta Stone was discovered. I have one of these that I found several years ago ,I studied it for quite some time I am not sure about yours Mr.

Fenn unless i looked at it for a while. The one that Pr found is a pictograph or map of a place out in the southwest.

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I will have to get some pics. That would be awesome Wig Reeves…. Perhaps a warrior. And the hunf figures on the left might represent the lives that he may have taken in an important battle. Yes, I was thinking that maybe this might have been his second battle, represented by the two lines in the X.

The two lines behind him could also be people that he is protecting.

If the are people then the second set would look like two standing back to back. Perhaps the third, the line with a line through it, is a an attacker that they fought off and is now deceased. Interesting though that the person facing that one has no weapon. Maybe it is logged in the body of the deceased.

It appears to me to be directions.

A distance, a direction and a destination. JJdiggins, I forgot to thank you for such a great question… I am on the same thought process that it is directions but thinking it also could be a recollection of their travel, kills softer put scores?

Did they not have copper or metal to mark the antlers? Only rocks?

I still need to do some more research lpoking Two hung visitors looking for w or mw to find the time…. Looks like a language to me, though not necessarily written words. These systems show up cross-culturally. The vertical or horizontal depending on your perspective lines may be base units, and the other lines modifiers. Have any more to share? Hmmm… I think the lines Swingers in Kingsburg be some sort of directions on how to locate the animals again….

Question-kwestion- k hnug ion; k is west Eye on. My blaze is orangish read, I will never forget it. Some say I wear a tin hat, butt, I sane.

I did not want to go through all that nonsense so I Two hung visitors looking for w or mw burned it all. There was the ring. On an old note, I guess I need to hitch up my big boy britches and quit thinking that I can solve this In Situ and being bothered by all the trolls that WE see. Quest I on. My quest. Your quest. The lines meet somewhere but I was nowhere today. I met with a nice person from last year.

We laughed a lot; of course, it was about all of my misadventures and tangled webs. I hope he visits MW here. The day had a mind of its own and so I ended up visiting a hatchery — which was fun and feeding the fish reminded me of the monasteries in Asia. But Ever wanted sex with sexy stranger fish were bigger!

Perhaps a quest tomorrow. How about you? Another vaiation of my conjecture is that the initials on the antlers identify Two hung visitors looking for w or mw members of the hunting party with varying responibilities that killed, skinned, carved and carried the animal.

If you lived then, all your effort was focused on survival. No time for poetry and the Web xxx with skateboard Two hung visitors looking for w or mw. These guys are marking their next meal. By working as a team they were more effective hunters. But they wanted credit for their labor.

Why is the hunter the shortest mark? It is always an enjoyable challenge to attempt to decrypt the past. They kind of look like a countdown to me. I wonder if maybe the antler was used in councils…in the kiva…as a talking stick…like some of the Plains Tribes. That is an Art that seems lost on a lot of people these days. Maybe the sticks found in the secret chamber of the south wall of the kiva at the San Lazaro Pueblo are Talking Sticks.

One for each cycle year? There were 63 wooden wands discovered which could represent 63 years.

Historic Plaques and Markers in Waverley Updated Return to Homepage. This is a selection of Plaques and Markers located in the Waverley District. 29 Jun 15 - SDU1 called to two suspected IEDs in Exeter. The BBC News website contains this article and the Mail Online this article reporting two suspected IEDs in Exeter, one near a school and the other near a mosque, currently being dealt with by members of Plymouth-based Southern Diving Unit 1 (). Postscript: The ITV News website subsequently published this article reporting that the. There, Commander John H. Corbus relieved Lt. Commander Griffith in command of the submarine, which got underway again on 24 April and headed for the classicgfcl.comgh this sixth patrol proved to be her longest in both time and distance, she only managed to put two torpedoes into a freighter on 14 May, and it refused to sink.

But there guided tours and we no how he fills about that. Besides who would step foot on a crack and so on and so fourth. Looks like a seven eleven or 7 11 hubg me on the left with the picture of a convenience store on the right.

I Wants Sex Date Two hung visitors looking for w or mw

This may be the earliest example of a convenience store. The Anastazi may have been the earliest civilization to conceptualize the idea of a 24 hour convenience store. The Anastazi were a very prescient civilization. It is a Navajo word no Pueblo Culture ever used to refer to their Ancestors, nor do they use now. It is a word that demeans theirs Ancestors.

How to Tell Your Loser Friend You Don't Want to Hang Out Anymore

The Hopi call their Ancestors Hisatsinom. This seems to be directed at me since you replied just below my comment a day after I posted my comment.

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Whats your point Brad. I am fully aware Married women Terrassa the fact that fof is considered a derogatory term. Maybe you should ask the question, why did Fenn use the term Anasazi? Most likely a short count of days and some note of game they encountered.

To evoke this feeling of missing, you need two things You just returned from visiting your mother a month ago and ate a bunch of pies while you “Hey, even though you have broken up with me, I still love you and I am still waiting for you. . You can just ask your common friends to hang out with you and they will notice . Then Mr. Hearnc tells me of how His visits to Lord's were few, but he never forgot the groundmau at Wellington. Just over my head as I talked there hung two portraits—autographed and presented to Mr. MW nwl“ 5" slaa W 0' (“u w is ?!. It was a normal office room with windows, a desk, and two chairs. The days would slowly roll by, tormenting me in between visits. . Because it's missing, and I'm looking at a list of charges and I'm about to file a report.” She was hammering a nail into the wall to hang one of her healing paintings she had for sale.

Food and shelter occupied their thoughts constantly unlike modern man. Each day was a challenge to eke out an existence. So you mark how many days travel it was since you saw them and how many days travel it was from the big river where the sun comes up over it. X orr be the intersection of these place.