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I find spying on 1.

The latest leak from Edward Snowden shows how the NSA and the Send to Kindle “It would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam intercepted text messages, and your webcam spying on you, maybe. Why you should cover up your webcam and I am much mocked for that, but I hope people lock their cars lock your doors at night. Government security agencies like the NSA can also have access to your devices Facebook admits hackers probably took your data and maybe 2 billion other users. While all guys write simply “yes they can”, I would better say: “no, they can't” and put a but behind that. Because just because you have a webcam doesn't usually mean that Like the UK spying on Yahoo video chats or as they suspect the NSA doing it on . Can hackers access your PC remotely without sending anything?.

Although, this does make me wonder. Since GCHQ is apparently trying to filter out the captured images to protect its employees from viewing peoples' naughty bits, could these revelations lead to a new policy for video communications involving actual bad guys? First up on the agenda: Everyone get naked. Arthur Mayvy Sending men webcam mayby nsa27 Feb Best comment I've seen so far on this: And the kiddies are, on the whole, the unsuspecting children of the taxpayers of the UK.

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Anonymous Coward27 Feb 1: So is the NSA and every other agency. Which raises the question, why aren't these vicious, dangerous, career pedophiles being indicted and prosecuted?

Duke profile27 Feb 5: Because they're exempt from normal laws - or wasn't that already clear? Members of GCHQ and the other intelligence services have their own special opt-out from the English law on indecent photographs of children.

The NSA Is Spying on Your Webcam Sex |

They can download, share or create as much child porn as they want, provided they do so "for the exercise of any of the functions of GCHQ. Ninja profile28 Feb 6: I say we start making footage of our dongs and send directly to these morons. Maybe this will remind them how much we love being peeped by some creepy bastards It wasn't ceiling cat watching people masturbate! It was the government!

Mason Wheeler Sending men webcam mayby nsa27 Feb There's something about being watched that creeps a lot of people out. A few years back there was a bit of a scandal in a school district in the Seattle area, where the school got in trouble for allegedly posting a camera to spy on one of the teachers and her classes.

The teacher and the union, which backed her every step of the way played up the whole "surveillance cameras are creepy" angle to the hilt, and the media ate it up. People throughout the area were understandably revolted when the story broke. The thing is, they didn't cover Sending men webcam mayby nsa Koleen IN cheating wives story, not by a long shot. Here's what was actually going on: The teacher in Sending men webcam mayby nsa had been engaged in a sexual relationship with at least one student.

Apparently things weren't going well, and he wanted out.

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He went to the school district looking for some help. Something happened--I'm not clear on all the details--and the district had reason to believe that there was at least one other student also being victimized. They installed a camera in the teacher's classroom, pointing at the door. It was unable to turn Sending men webcam mayby nsa look into the class, and it had no audio recording equipment, which meant there was no way of Bestfriend with benifits it to spy on her classes; its purpose was to see if she was bringing students Sending men webcam mayby nsa after hours, and nothing else.

It seems to me that would have made an even better story, especially seeing as how it wasn't all that far from where the infamous Mary Kay Letourneau taught, but for whatever reason that wasn't the angle the media chose to play up.

And with the district already convicted in the court of public opinion, the inevitable lawsuits ended up going in the teacher's favor, and the school was unable to bring any disciplinary action against her. Anonymous Coward27 Feb This must be what Paul Calandra, meant when he used the phrase, 'Porn Spy'. As horrific a violation as this is, I couldn't help but be drawn to the following section: Anonymous Coward27 Feb 2: It's already been Sending men webcam mayby nsa that Sending men webcam mayby nsa insistence on making the kinect mandatory was very much intended to have an always-watching-eye on you while in your living room.

Whether it was Sexy ladies seeking sex Front Royal their own purposes, or the governments, what does it matter?

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nsaa Anonymous Coward27 Feb 9: See, people worried about Microsoft's motives have already been a PR nightmare for Microsoft as they attempt to convince people that the benefits outweigh the risks and that Microsoft won't abuse people's privacy and webczm on them. As for what does it matter which is spying on you, remember that the NSAGCHQ is the one that can send men with machine guns to break down Sending men webcam mayby nsa door if they see something they think is illegal.

That's one of the points Sending men webcam mayby nsa are a deal breaker for Xbone. I don't want that fucking thing always on. GCHQ loves its kiddie porn. WTF are the brits doing? Are they just going to accept another "but it was legal! If it was legal then demand Vermont women nude dramatic change of the law!

Stuff like this SHOULDN'T be legal, even if it is right now which probably isn't, but you know they're just going to say that for everything they get caught with anyway.

John Fenderson Sending men webcam mayby nsa27 Feb It is just a regular DoS attack, not distributed, and thus didn't bog down the whole network for untargeted people.

This technical inaccuracy has been repeated all over the media, and TechDirt, a site that specializes in tech news, should not be publishing this misinformation.

Read this, then read it again, then stop making your readers dumber by publishing technical inaccuracies: I thought I was Sending men webcam mayby nsa only pedant here, but at least I wecbam up front when I'm making a big deal out of a trivial error.

Anyway, have a good one, JF I'm the knucklehead who was recently talking about dd'ing block devices and how that would show up sebcam file access logs. John Fenderson profile27 Feb 8: You're no knucklehead! Yes, it was an error, but an easy one to make, and I think not webcaam serious significance. However, I think that a syn flood attack is actually worse than Internet matchmaking bureau DDOS from an ethical point of view.

A DDOS is not hacking in any sense, it's just generating a lot of acceptable requests. Sending men webcam mayby nsa

A syn flood is a kind of hacking, it's intentionally sending malformed packet sequences. Anonymous Coward28 Feb 5: There is nothing malformed about the packets in a SYN flood.

Why you should cover up your webcam and I am much mocked for that, but I hope people lock their cars lock your doors at night. Government security agencies like the NSA can also have access to your devices Facebook admits hackers probably took your data and maybe 2 billion other users. British spy agency GCHQ has reportedly harvested webcam images, Maybe later with aid from the US' National Security Agency (NSA), collected still images number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of one person to view a webcam stream without necessarily sending a. old white man in Bridgeport Connecticut looking to lick pussy Send for reply encounters and adult hook ups in Borroloola friends and maybe just friends.

The 3-way handshake simply isn't completed. This is technically valid behavior. Both of which are widely considered "hacking".

John Fenderson profile28 Sending men webcam mayby nsa 8: I didn't say the packets were malformed, just the sequence. But you're right, it is technically valid. It strikes me as a gray area nonetheless. I see SYN floods as hacking because the the usual pattern of packet exchange is being manipulated in a way designed to trigger a problem. I don't see DDOS as hacking because no such manipulation is taking place. As to DDOS being "widely considered" as hacking -- this is true amongst the average joe because they've been told that it is repeatedly.

But it's simply untrue, and it is not considered hacking by the majority of computer security people I've known. David27 Feb It would be half as scary if Americans did not adhere to that peculiar combination of diet and exercise that offset Beautiful older ladies looking seduction Mobile Alabama from their European ancestors.

So citizen, how about bending over and trying to touch your toes in order to please Big Brother? For the average person who only has so much time to get informed, stumbling across this sort of comment reinforces their feeling that it's no big deal, since no Sedning else cares. Most people I know DO care, and the ones that don't can Sending men webcam mayby nsa convinced with personalized attention to address how it matters to them.

Throwaway comments like this do more harm than good. GEMont profile28 Feb 6: More people might care if they were aware of the situation true, but this is not the case currently. Those of Sending men webcam mayby nsa who were naa the internet back in the '90's when it was fun It's over. maygy

If tech exists it will be used. All we have going for us is that we know what is happening. It's not going to change. Even if laws are passed forbidding the exploits our govts use against us, nothing Sending men webcam mayby nsa change. The spies will just ignore the law and lie some more. The future is minimising internet use.

Or just putting up with the spying.

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Or maybe finding ways of bullet-proofing ones communications. How you would ever get any real confidence in hardened protocols is the question. When internet users were mostly geeks it was different. Now, with everybody on line, regulation Sending men webcam mayby nsa spying will increase with Sneding passing day.

It was a sweet ride, but now it's over.

We must learn to live with it. There are ways. Time to make a new internet then, one that can't be spied on. It's happening, it will happen. Either that or someone's going to get into power and throw the whole alphabet soup of spying agencies out the window.

Anonymous Coward27 Feb 3: John Fenderson profile28 Feb 9: The Sending men webcam mayby nsa good internet effectively died a decade ago, and had been obviously dying for at least five years prior to that. Replacements do currently exist, and more are being developed.

Check out Sending men webcam mayby nsa nets. The problem is that if any of them become anywhere near as popular as the internet, then their days will be likewise numbered.

This is as it has always been. The battle between the two forces is an eternal back-and-forth. Anonymous Coward28 Feb This is you, me, Americans, Brits.

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Everyone can get caught in this. So, this is GCHQ. I think this is a really important question. And this—results from Optic Nerve could feed into this database. So we know the NSA knew about Sending men webcam mayby nsa program, because it was in the Snowden files. We know the NSA research helped it. You called Nssa

Sending men webcam mayby nsa

Yes, well, my colleague, our national security editor, Spencer Ackerman, called Yahoo. And, yes, they webcaj were very surprised and alarmed. And, you know, people were saying at the time they should do it.

But now they have come out very strongly. And you can see from their statement they are not happy about this. Well, Democracy Now! But are there deals being made with these huge, multinational web giants and the governments to continue to operate?

But it does seem as if they helped build automated or semi-automated systems to Free sex mouse in pussy it easy. I think the big questions have to be asked for the cable companies, and, you know, whether the ones who put—pipe the Internet into our house or the industrial ones.

They seem to have gone further. We know from GCHQ documents and NSA Sending men webcam mayby nsa that they really do a lot to help the cable-tapping operations that power all Snding these other programs. Talk more about the facial recognition aspect of this. So they had a couple of tricks with facial Sending men webcam mayby nsa.

One of the things that they tried to do was just to see if there was a face in the image, Sending men webcam mayby nsa telling a face from an elbow. Happily, it seems the intelligence agencies can do that now.

They did this to try and knock out some of the adult images, some of the other stuff. I want to turn to—talk more about the sexually explicit images. I mean, we know they were capturing—this program ran for years and might mayyby be going.

In just one six-month period, meb got 1. They reckon up to aboutof those were sending explicit images. So, GCHQ has this vast sort of store of pornographic images from people who had no intention of them seeing it. They actually complain almost about their analysts having to see it.

Is your privacy only violated when an actual human analyst looks at an adult picture of you, or is just the very idea of the British government or the American government having this huge store of compromising pictures itself a bit creepy? Last month, a Adult looking sex tonight AR Clarksville 72830 from Glenn Greenwald and NBC News based on leaks Sending men webcam mayby nsa Edward Sending men webcam mayby nsa revealed the British government can spy on Sending men webcam mayby nsa media sites, including YouTube, in real time, without the knowledge of companies.

But in the meantime, the tech companies and the app makers can do a lot to protect us. In November, leaks from Edward Snowden showed the NSA had gathered records on the online sexual activity of Muslim targets in a bid to discredit them.

None were accused of involvement in terror plots. The NSA had apparently collected their evidence of their online activity, including visits to porn sites, Muscle 65648 women fuck a bid to nen their credibility or intimidate them into silence.

Given how the NSA has approached explicit images in the past, what risks are posed by Sending men webcam mayby nsa mass collection of potentially compromising webcam photos? This is essentially the problem of bulk surveillance.

And I think the idea of the government building, deliberately or accidentally, these dossiers on each of us is Sending men webcam mayby nsa worrying.

And the webccam between these companies, like Yahoo, like Google, and the government, the trade-offs that are made.

Sending men webcam mayby nsa

I mean, the deals they make with the government, the government expects something in return. I mean, we talk about this a lot in China. You know, Google, fairly Sending men webcam mayby nsa, actually, got out of China when the magby demands became too much.

But other companies, like Microsoft, will censor search results, will do what they have to do there.

We never quite think Sending men webcam mayby nsa it the same way for companies operating here. There is a trade-off. They have to sort of comply with U.

They often want friendly relations. And has the NSA responded? So, to this particular story, the Nen refused to answer any questions. We asked them very specific, very simple questions. Have you seen this imagery?