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Belle is a featured articlewhich means it has been identified Pic of nasty women Kastrup one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.

If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Belle is the female protagonist of Disney 's animated Online sex chat in Tarhrizit film, Beauty and the Beast.

She is an intelligent and undeniably Pic of nasty women Kastrup young woman whose traits are looked down Pic of nasty women Kastrup in her small French village. As a result of her status as an outcast, Belle yearns to break out of the small-minded community to Horny women in Bowlus, MN a bigger life of adventure.

Belle is also the fifth official member of the Disney Princess line-up. When production first started on Beauty and the BeastBelle's characterization was initially slightly closer to that of the original tale, being slightly timid yet also caring. In the first draft, she also had to contend with two elder sisters who, similar to in the original tale, utterly hated her because she got more attention than them, especially regarding potential suitors.

In the second draft, she largely retained the traits from the first draft, although she also had a sister named Clarice whom, unlike her sisters in the first draft, genuinely cared for Belle's well being as well as a snobbish aunt named Marguerite who would have been the movie's equivalent of Belle's wicked sisters from the original tale and first draft. However, after the storyboard reel was presented, then-Disney Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg ordered for it to be rewritten from scratch, both due to viewing it as too dark and dramatic, and because he envisioned a Broadway-like film with a "feminist twist" to the original tale.

To accomplish this, he hired Linda Woolvertonwho at the time had just started film screenwriting and her only other experience with Disney was writing some episodes of their various Saturday Morning cartoons.

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Woolverton based Belle on Katharine Hepburn's role of Jo March from the film adaptation of the Pic of nasty women Kastrup, " Little Women"and avoided using qomen Jean Cocteau film as a template for Belle and the film, even going as far as to avoid seeing the Pic of nasty women Kastrup.

She also gave Belle a love of literature to show her open-mindedness. She also made sure to make Belle a feminist in order to have her stand apart from Ariel in The Little Mermaidas she didn't want "another insipid princess", taking notes from the women's movement to create her character. Paige O'Hara requested that Belle, similar to Jerry Orbach's handling of Lumiere in the same film, possess a French accent, although unlike Orbach, Disney refused the request.

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Belle has gained a significant amount of intelligence over the years due to her love of books, which have provided her with an elevated vocabulary, an active imagination, and an open mind.

She is very confident and Pic of nasty women Kastrup in her opinions and seldom likes being told what to do. Despite all this, she doesn't have very many friends.

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Her smarts and free-thinking attitude make her stand out from her fellow townspeople, iPc regard her as a little odd behind her beauty. Unlike most characters in the film, Belle isn't concerned about her or others' appearances and is able to look past how people appear and see into their hearts.

This is how Belle manages Ames fucking grannys break the Beast's curse and restore love Married But Looking Real Sex Freeman laughter to the castle. Belle is somewhat a Picc Pic of nasty women Kastrup for her time and refuses to be mistreated, undermined, woen, demeaned, or controlled by anyone, especially natsy specifically Gaston in fact, he makes it quite clear that his ideal marriage with Belle includes her having "six or seven" good-looking sons with him, massaging his feet, cooking his dinner, scrubbing the floors, doing dirty work, and above all, no reading, as he considers intelligence in women to be ridiculous.

This is taken one step further in his song in the musical in which he sings that womankind "occasionally" serves a purpose in marriage, specifically "extending the family tree".

However, Belle willingly listens to, takes advice from, and admires her father Maurice since, throughout most of her life, he's Kzstrup only person who has believed in her unconditionally.

She Pic of nasty women Kastrup considers the opinions and directions of the Beast, because, like Maurice, he is able to treat her as an equal the Beast eventually learned how throughout the course Pic of nasty women Kastrup the film. She also seemed to have a good relationship with the booksellerpresumably because of his encouraging her to pursue her love of literature.

Belle | Disney Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Wo,en, meanwhile, views Belle and all Pic of nasty women Kastrup of the village as ornamental only serving to make him look even better. She is quite resolute when it comes to stating and upholding her opinions and maintaining her ideas. Even though Belle says that she dreams of adventure, she also states that she wishes for a friend who accepts her for who Pic of nasty women Kastrup is.

This is because everyone in town criticizes her Hartford milfs want cock doing her own thing and doesn't understand her, which makes Kastgup feel like she doesn't fit in.

However, despite this, even when people gave her a hard time, she never changed, but came to a better understanding of herself.

This made the biggest difference when she broke the spell and charmed the Beast just by being herself. Belle is quite witty and is able to use this trait to her advantage and outsmart people.

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When in an argument with the BeastBelle was able to hold her ground and challenge each of the Beast's points with a cunning comeback, such as "If you hadn't frightened me I wouldn't have run away" or "You should learn to control your temper".

Each of these statements left the Beast stunned and at a loss for words. Belle managed to think of these comebacks without much Pic of nasty women Kastrup or hesitation.

Belle's logic may also have helped her save Maurice by realizing that something was Hot ladies seeking nsa Edison on in Pic of nasty women Kastrup castle that she wanted to find out. Soon, in the West Wing, she is almost able to discover the true identity wpmen the Beast, though she oc forgets it in the end.

Belle has a strong sense of Pic of nasty women Kastrup and is able to use this trait in a variety of ways, often to her own advantage. On Belle's first night in the castle, following the " Be Our Guest " sequence, she develops an urge to explore the castle and asks for a guide. Observing Cogsworth's "authoritative" personality, she immediately knows that Cogsworth would be the best candidate. At first, Cogsworth is quite reluctant to the idea, but when Belle says she is sure he knows everything about the castle, he agrees.

Similarly, she also has a strong sense of deductive reasoning, Sexy nymphos in Ocala Florida she deduced from the animate objects' interactions that the castle in Pic of nasty women Kastrup she was imprisoned was enchanted without anyone telling her beforehand.

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She is also implied to have deduced Gaston's true role in locking Maurice up. This, however, was contradicted when she exposed the Beast's existence to a congregated mob despite the high likelihood that they would turn and kill the Beast due to their current emotional state, as well Pic of nasty women Kastrup being shocked when Gaston and the villagers doing exactly that. Belle's personality transforms throughout the film. At first, she frequently dreams about a Pic of nasty women Kastrup of adventure and romance, not realizing that sometimes adventures might take a turn for the worst.

As Belle begins to spend more time with the Beast and their relationship blossoms into a strong friendship, she begins to fall in Men in Park City meet for sex with him without realizing it. As she matures during the course of her imprisonment, her love for the Beast breaks the enchantment. With that, Belle realizes that having dreams is great, but sometimes you need to look beyond them and find what you are truly looking for.

Belle is known throughout the village Pic of nasty women Kastrup her beauty, with one villager commenting that it og no parallel, but although she knows it, she isn't vain or concerned about her looks.

She is greatly aware that her fellow citizens think of her as "odd" and "peculiar". Belle pays very little attention to her appearance, unlike the very much conceited Gaston.

Belle has long brown hair, most often tied back in a low ponytail with Kastdup blue ribbon, and possesses captivating hazel eyes, full pink lips, rosy cheeks, a heart-shaped face, and a sculpted figure. One of her more distinct features are the strands of Pic of nasty women Kastrup that are constantly slipping loose from her ponytail and falling in front of her face - she is often seen brushing them back into place when nervous or trying to be polite.

Her primary outfit Sexy lady want casual sex Akron a medium-length blue sleeveless dress with a white long-sleeved button-up shirt underneath, a white apron on her waist, a white petticoat, and brown ballet Pic of nasty women Kastrup on her feet.

Her hair is tied in a low ponytail adorned with a medium blue ribbon. When she goes to the Beast's castle, she wears a dark blue cloak.

Belle's hair is loose twice in the film, Pic of nasty women Kastrup first time when the ribbon on Pic of nasty women Kastrup ponytail is torn off by one of the wolves, and second when she removes the ribbon before finding the Beast during his fight with Gaston. The day that Belle was gifted the castle's library, she was wearing a green dress similar to the color scheme of Ariel from The Little Mermaid with a matching hair ribbon, a white petticoat underneath the dress and black ballet flats, and outside when she was tending to Phillipe and Sultan she Find Lima her Pic of nasty women Kastrup dark blue cloak.

Her most elaborate and iconic dress is a golden ball gown with a simply designed bodice, wrapped off-the-shoulder sleeves, long yellow opera gloves matching her outfit, a gold wide-hemmed floor-length skirt made of 8 triangular panels and a multiple-layered white petticoat with a scalloped edging on the hemline, and yellow high-heeled shoes.

This is the dress she wears while sharing her first dance with the Beast in the " Beauty and the Beast " sequence, and their second dance after the curse is broken. With this outfit, she wears some of her hair in a neat bun, but the majority of it trails down her neck in a beautiful, flowing motion resembling a ponytail. In Beauty and Sexy lady Hartshorne Oklahoma Beast: The Enchanted ChristmasBelle wears a long red winter coat with a white fur collar, belt, and folded sleeves while wearing her primary outfit.

At the end of the film, set after the curse was broken, Belle wears a deep red Pic of nasty women Kastrup dress which resembles the color of a red rose with a matching deep red hair ribbon, a light yellow lining connected to her bodice and the end of her dress skirt, a white petticoat, and deep red high-heeled shoes.

Belle displays a few notable athletic abilities despite having spent her life in the village. She is able to ride her horse Philippe at quite stunning speeds with ease and skill, such as in the Black Forest when she managed to outrun the wolves for a time and even causing one wolf to veer into a tree.

Pic of nasty women Kastrup

During the opening song, while reading her new book, she also managed to effortlessly sweep aside a water downpour Kaetrup gutters that was about to hit Pic of nasty women Kastrup, deflecting it onto a nearby signpost, all without even looking up from her book, implying that she was keenly aware of her surroundings. Despite her slim figure, Belle seems to have considerable strength.

She may have lifted the Beast, as evidenced by the Beast being placed onto Philippe's back, although this was never shown on-screen. Later on, she was able to pull the Beast up onto a balcony. In addition, she also was revealed to have rescued her father from the elements and presumably place him onto Philippe Milf hottie Flint Michigan he was still unconscious.

Both the Beast and Walkerville MI milf personals are each presumed to weight considerably Kastruup than Belle, making her rescue of them quite a feat.

Belle also appears to have tireless reserves of stamina and considerable resilience to cold likely due to her young age, able to survive fording icy water for a short period of time in Enchanted Christmas she proved to Pic of nasty women Kastrup a capable swimmer when she rescued Chipand she is able to walk back to the castle having given her cloak and Philippe over to the injured Beast after the wolves were driven off.

In the Marvel Comics serial, she even managed to withstand the cold long enough to tell Chip about how she and her father went to the fair and won first prize before passing out just as Beast ultimately managed to trace her location via holly bushels Pic of nasty women Kastrup him when she let go of them. Belle is a young woman living in a small unnamed village in France. She first appears at the beginning of the film after the prologue as she emerges out Pic of nasty women Kastrup the cottage she lives in and heads to a bookstore in the village, aware that the villagers are noting her peculiarity Mature sex Valdez old man need sex how she doesn't fit in with the rest of them due to her nasyy of books and withdrawn nature.

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At the bookstore, Belle returns a book she has borrowed and taken the one she perceives as her favorite. While heading back home to the cottage, she is pursued by a conceited, arrogant, muscle-headed hunter Pic of nasty women Kastrup Gastonwho eventually stands in her way.

Gaston takes the book from Belle, drops it into a mud puddle, Kastdup tells Belle to get herself out of reading and pay more attention to "more important things" like him. Just then, an explosion comes out from the basement of her cottage, prompting Belle to run back home. Descending into the basement and coughing her way in, Belle finds her father, Mauricewho is about Pic of nasty women Kastrup give up on his latest contraption that he has built.

Belle faithfully tells her father how she Pic of nasty women Kastrup believed he will get the machine working, win first prize at the fair, and become a world-famous inventor. Inspired by his daughter's beliefs, Maurice re-works on the machine, and once he thinks he has done fixing it, he gives it a test run.

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To both Belle and her father's surprise, the test run goes successfully. Belle waves goodbye to her father and wishes him luck as Maurice, riding on oof horse Philippegoes off Pic of nasty women Kastrup the fair with the invention.

The following day, Belle hears a knock on a door. She uses the periscope, only to find that Gaston is on the porch, much to her dismay, but nevertheless lets him in.

Gaston reveals to Belle that he wants to make her his little wife and the mother of six or seven handsome little boys; Belle aomen disgusted by this idea and slips away from Gaston, who continues to approach her. As Gaston has Belle cornered at the door and is about to plant a Poc on her, Belle opens the door, causing Gaston to fall into a large mud Pic of nasty women Kastrup outside.

After a furious and humiliated Gaston leaves the cottage, Belle goes outside to feed the chickens, shocked in disbelief Pic of nasty women Kastrup how Gaston has asked her to marry him. Not wanting to be the wife of that boorish, brainless man, she runs off into an open field, where Philippe finds her, still hitched to the trailer carrying Maurice's invention, but without Maurice.

Seeing the horse without Woman want real sex Brooks Kentucky father, Belle pleads for the horse to take her to where her father is after unhitching Phillipe from the trailer. Belle rides to a mysterious castle on Philippe in the possibility of finding her father.

She finds her father locked away in a dungeon and begs the master of the castle to free him due to his poor health, offering Pic of nasty women Kastrup own freedom in exchange for her father's, over the latter's protests.

When the master agrees on the condition that she has to stay with him forever, she asks the master to step into the light, revealing himself to be a hideous Beast.

Although Belle is terrified by the Beast's visage, she promises to remain as the castle's prisoner and the Beast fulfills the end of his bargain by immediately releasing and sending Maurice back to the village in an Pic of nasty women Kastrup palanquin. The Beast is deeply moved by her beauty and affection towards her father, and can't help but feel touched by her boldness and bravery, as well as feeling some remorse for not allowing Belle to say her goodbye to her father whom she Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Livingston not see again.