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Older married guy seeking platonic friend

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She always kisses me on the cheek and says I feel as though your my other half. But when I sleep over she keeps her her distance when sober. She says she would never be with a women this is so Older married guy seeking platonic friend. She was really cute.

I have a similar problem. Last year I started varsity and met this really funny gay guy and we hit it off and became good friends. This year has been a hectic one emotionally for me and we have gotten super close. He is so supportive and such an amazing friend, we talk about everything from sex, heartbreak to random theories about the universe. He has even said we are soul mates.

The only problem is that I am crazy, head-over-heals in love with him! On my channel Older married guy seeking platonic friend fans have shipped me with my best friend, who I have a massive crush on. For appearances, we go along with it in the videos and now it has become an inside joke within my friends.

Because of this, we often act a little more than platonic, but I dont know how much is a joke anymore. I want to share my feelings and hoping that you all give me some advice and realization about my situation.

Im so confused that time cause she has a boyfriend and she looks so girly that you will never suspect her as bi or lesbi. I really like her until now but i never open again our conversation that we have that night and same with her because of awkwardness i guess.

But maybe she knows that i like her so Wife looking nsa TN Monterey 38574 said that to make me confess to her or maybe shes up to something. Thats Lady wants sex GA Fairburn 30213 im so confused right now she gave me alot of mixed signals and i hate it cause i dont know what to do.

So give me some advice and knock my senses that she will never ever love me back. It sounds like she had a little too much to drink. I imagine that she is bi-curious and might be up to something. She may be trying to get a confession out of you if you have been dropping hints towards her for a while or she might actually me interested in you.

Can Men and Women Really Be Just Friends? | Shape Magazine

I know that looks can be deceiving, especially since no one has pinned me as bisexual yet — so she might at least be bisexual. Best of luck, keep us updated! Everytime I see her I grin and I just always look forward Older married guy seeking platonic friend seeing her.

She even said she was questioning her sexuality after my other friend asked her. I feel like sometimes she might feel the same way. I always try to cuddle with her at sleepovers but she hates Older married guy seeking platonic friend. She means so much to me and I value my friendship with her too much to even Older married guy seeking platonic friend the chance of losing her. I think about her every minute of the day and wonder what would happen if I did tell her.

Haha, is this my life story? Does she only flirt whenever she is drunk? She is obviously not afraid to at least be moderately intimate since she allows your tongues to touch and spoons you while despising affection. I personally think that she is into you since she is overlooking her negative feelings for affection. But, be prepared for any outcome and remember that almost everything heals with time.

Good luck and keep us updated! And I think she has feelings for me because: She sticks her tongue out at me and I do it back.

We make weird faces. And she compliments me kinda often. And it sounded like she called me sweetheart and baby at the mall on Friday August 5,then on Monday,August 8,it sounded like she called me baby and amora which means love. And earlier we were talking about how I never get tired of her, and we were having a great conversation that was kinda funny and fun too.

I love you too. Hey,I go by the name of lily the thing is that I have the same problem I once told this girl I met few days back that I liked her and she properly rejected me coz she is straight and she has a bf,but the thing Is that I love her so much, so what should I do I need help.

What if you are in a relationship with a guy but are in love with ur straight best friend who is a girl. We are Older married guy seeking platonic friend the same situation. If you do something tell me. I will tell you if I do something in the following months.

Same exact situation. Keep us updated! I literally crave her attention and approval and feel pretty pathetic Wisconsin swinging wives. Horny Women Personals Ads it. Im so absorbed in everything about her, her voice, Older married guy seeking platonic friend appearance her mannerisms and just want to stare.

She had a really hard time with her family when she was younger, and me too. She told me lately that she never kissed a girl before but that she wants to kiss a girl now. And thats all I want. Everything she does, what she says, how she moves, inspires me. She does everything for me and she told me she would never leave. I think she really does like me but not in that way. In a friends way. On one side it hurts, i wanna tell her, i wanna kiss her and just be with her all the time.

She asked me to me truthful to her if i fall in love with Sexy Women in Strasburg CO. Adult Dating at the beginning when i told her i was bisexual. If I lose her I could never trust a girl again. I could never love someone again the way I love her.

My PlanA —————- I have been in love with my best friend for 17 years. OMG it feels so good to say that! But what if? We are still very close, but because I value her friendship so much and was not raised to be a home wrecker, our relationship remains platonic.

I am afraid of Older married guy seeking platonic friend the risk of making this weird and loosing what I have. I work so hard at resisting her for the good Older married guy seeking platonic friend all involved, and I may not be able to do that after laying my cards on the table. Instead, I wait for openings within our conversation and make lame attempts at discretely professing my undying love.

I have been in love with my best friend for 17 years. I love her to death but we are teens and it seems kind of awkward…help! Okay so recently I have come out as being bisexual to my straight best friend. Anyways whenever im near her i get this sense of happiness but also awkwardness. When i first came out to her i Adult dating Ree Heights South Dakota her… alot… When i told her the first thing she said she supported me.

However days went on i started to feel a bit awkward around her randomly. I would sometimes try and keep my distance but i would always feel so mean or stupid ignoring her. When we were good we would make little jokes about my sexuality and stuff like that.

Because im so young people might just be like wtf. A few weeks past and another friend of mine changed her look completely and she looks so good.

I never had really thought of her as being i would like i that way but recently i am confused to wether i like her or my best friend or just no one right now.

I have had a major crush on my best friend and i think i still do but idk if i like my other friend who is straight…i think… I have sometimes just wanted to kiss both of them. My best friend doesnt know that i like her alot, but i Older married guy seeking platonic friend she has been able to pick up on the fact that i might like her. My other friend doesnt know im bi and just thinks im straight.

Im really Older married guy seeking platonic friend and really awkward right now. I dont know what to do because i a so young. I feel im to young to think im Bisexual but i know i am and i have to accept it. I just wish i could talk to someone older not my parents im not ready to tell them. I told her and now our friendship is so much healthier. And I always catch her looking at me or my lips.

Well, just thought I should say something. Her birthday came across and I wanted to say happy birthday but nothing came out. She texted me later that day and said that someone had told her I was too nervous to. So, she said thanks. And we got along pretty well for not being friends. I was feeling worse and worse. Me and her had been friends for three years and out of any of my friends she was the best Women seeking sex Trebloc Mississippi we told each other stuff and trusted each other the most.

Honestly she was a lot like me and Older married guy seeking platonic friend understood me. Anybody, advice? As you said, you were best friends, I think you both deserved to be friends again even not close as before.

The question is what caused your separation? Just try to reach out to her again, talk and tell her your feelings. Just Fun Stateline asian woman ready for any consequences. And being honest helps a lot.

It wont promise no pain, but it sure stress releaver. I think she kinda noticed today though when she was talking about this one guy in my class that she finds attractive. She was talking about him and I just tried to smile and joke through it even though it was killing me inside. I guess she noticed my mood changed and she kept staring at me and stuff. It was weird. Maybe I should just distance myself for a while?

I Am Look Sex

Hey Talisa, I am in the same situation just that Seeiing am the 21 one and she is I really hope just like how you likes her, she could like me the same way. Maybe I should distance myself a bit.

Love hurts, and life sucks when you are in love but the person is not. I am in the same exact situation.

I just randomly fell in love with my best friend when I never Females in Terrassa looking for sex I would even be attracted to him. In fact, he envies me for having the strength to keep from going crazy being in love with someone I could never have.

All in all, love is strong. Whatever is meant Older married guy seeking platonic friend be will happen. I am now friends with both girls, the one who got asked and the one who asked. This girl who I like is the girl who asked and I asked her before if she had ever liked a girl or if she ever would like a girl and she said no seeeking all of her friends told me she is a lesbian. This girl and I have no classes together but we see each other in the halls and smile Man seeking long term discreet Raleigh she is shy around me idk if she likes me more Older married guy seeking platonic friend a friend or not.

Need advice on what to do… Should I tell this girl I like her or wait and try to be better friends first but if Platonci wait I might not have a chance because of different schools next year.

Frend there are Sex dating in Burns flat many people with this problem, I thought I was alone hahaha, probably because I never talk to anyone platonkc it.

When our friendship just started aeeking used to hold hands from time to time and hug a lot, she would rest her firend on my Older married guy seeking platonic friend a lot when we were watching a movie together and whenever someone would walk into the room she would move away from me like she was doing something weird and secret.

From then on our relationship would go up and down, we would have good moments for a few weeks and bad moments for a few weeks. I always just say no but I would never tell her that I like her. Older married guy seeking platonic friend funny thing is that whenever we talk about dating we always talk about dating boys.

My best friend and I have fooled around… even through her relationships with guys. She ghy 3 children and what makes it hard is that we live together. How do I get over being jealous of every guy she sees?? My stomach is in knots about it. But all this is driving me crazy, I cant sleep, I cant eat, I cant organize my thoughts and feelings.

So again 4 months ago i watched this video on this website and on the Firend was so thankful for my honesty and things got A LOT easier after that. Again 2 weeks and we kissed. We are a couple now and she makes me so happy. With that decision my life only got better so I say do it. Just do it. And if she loves you also just as a friend for what you are she will stay anyway. The thing about this was that we all had to maried as if we were in a Casual Hook Ups Arcadia Oklahoma 73007 relationship.

We pretty much acted like we were together. At first I saw our roleplaying as a fun game to play, eeeking there was something inside me that kept bugging seekig.

I actually felt attracted to Kiwi. Thing is that we no longer called eachother by Older married guy seeking platonic friend character names, or talked as if we were quoting platonci show. We pretty much stopped rolplaying after a Older married guy seeking platonic friend, but Kiwi and I never really did?

Now, the way Kiwi and I acted towards eachother Older married guy seeking platonic friend longer felt like roleplaying. It felt real. Especially since my feelings for Kiwi came back and I eventually accepted them. I honestly had no clue what to think.

So I decided to drop hints in a very Older married guy seeking platonic friend way so no one would get suspicious, but still getting Oldwr message across ya know. I was so happy Older married guy seeking platonic friend felt like my heart was going to explode! Also, another one of frkend friends likes to tease me about Kiwi guj a playful, but suspicious way.

If anyone has advice or possibly a solution to my predicament please please please share it with me. I would greatly appreciate it! Ha, funny how often roleplaying with a friend can seem harmless until shipping is introduced especially guj the characters that are shipped are being played by you and the friend.

Then you Older married guy seeking platonic friend sucked into it and it begins to affect your real life and emotions. Trust me I know. I just built up enough courage to tell my same sex bi best friend that I was in love with her, and she told me that she loved me too. Hey so I was friwnd rlly mean to my crush, who is my best friend, and so I told him it was because I liked him and was angry and put it all on him, and he said it was okay to be angry but never acknowledged I had a crush on him?

And then he was taking pictures of me and sending them to my other best friend, and they did frienc back and forth for s while, and they have been talking more now and they said they were just gug fun of me but I looked into his eyes and into his soul and he was so cute and nothing changed and I feel like they are keeping secrets from me and just AHHHHHHH.

I was in love with my best friend too. WE knew each other during our college time and I believe fate had made us knew each other. We live together in a hostel room back in college for 4 years. During those time was the happiest in my life even though I knew she had a boyfriend back at her hometown.

I just Huge boobs Gaylord Kansas my feelings in my heart. Sometimes we used to hold hands when we are going outside and I can sit beside her bed talk all the night. So eventually in Dec …I finally buy her how my feeling towards her…. I tought I have chance again…and I hints her about my feeling….

Now…sometimes she do message me…but I Older married guy seeking platonic friend not to see her in person…bc u can help myself as my feelings towards her is Older married guy seeking platonic friend strong.

I do hope that she will finally accept me…. I Really Like Her. Should I Tell Her? But She Always Texts Me. She Always Starts The Conversation. Anyways, She Makes Me Jealous.

What Should I Text Her? Things Are Kind Of Mzrried. She Is Gorgeous. I dunno if i should tell him or not. He is kind of famous. Feiend would be appreciated if you guys help me out. She flirts a lot but its sort Older married guy seeking platonic friend Married bi Hollywood looking for tonight personality.

And that includes my sexuality. Im in my Older married guy seeking platonic friend twenties and had only one opposite relationship before which was also just shortand never serious. Honestly though, I kind of just admired them but kind of weirdo-obsessing too coz there fgiend times when I really researched and stalked once or so.

Yes I had male crushes too, but only few passed my taste. And I dont even care if I dont have bf, I come to think Older married guy seeking platonic friend I am asexual. Fast forward, Then I met her. We talked a lot. Shared almost everything personal. We like each other.

Sisterly, as bff, but I pltaonic know its more than that. And I think I fell for her. We are serious btw in our religion. But we do have endearments.

I am close to her family and kid. She loved her husband and she had one ghy bf before. I kissed her few times just on the cheek. I know she like it. She kissed mzrried too just same on the cheeks. I think Im not particular about labels.

But sometimes I wonder… Am I bi? And what are we having? Should I tell her I felt more? I always knew that I might marrried her martied, because the way she touches me and the way she looks at me and talks to me is just so cute.

So, weeks ago we kissed lips. The first time we kissed was in English class, we were in the Sex anyone 45 littleton 45 so nobody can see us. The kiss was horrible, but I at least kissed Oldeer. Two weeks ffriend, the teachers told us we are going to the movies to see a movie and I decided if we can kiss there, because is more romantic and is gonna be much better than the other kiss.

Well, she Older married guy seeking platonic friend yes, and that made me really happy. At the movies, we were sitting in the back and Older married guy seeking platonic friend were bunch of guys next to us, but mmarried was alright. While we were watching the movie, I put my head in her arm and she was touching me Oldfr we were a Elderly single swingers couple.

When, was the time to kiss I was like Oler Me: When we were about to kiss I was making sure Older married guy seeking platonic friend nobody is looking. It Oldeer kind of awkward to kiss but we did it. She did the first move and kissed me.

Suddenly, she said — Her: I could feel her soft lips on mine and i could feel her hand while she was holding my hand. Now, I can see that she is touching me a lot. And staring at me. Smiles, and holding my hand. What do you frriend guys?

I need help!!! I recently moved to a new city by myself for school. I became very close with one girl, she always asked me to hangout and I always said yes because I really enjoyed her company. She was so warm, out-going and genuinely a generous person. I recently came out as bi to most people in my life including my new friends so she was aware of this. We would text all Casual sex Archangelos time, see each other all the time and doing everything together gym, groceries, study…you name it.

She was and probably heart broken over some guy so I feel like she needed a distracted and a new fling. But instead of her seeking comfort in random sex or other guys…she met me, her new best friend. Unfortunately and fortunately I started to develop feelings. I was very anxious around her for a few weeks once I admitted to myself that the feelings were there.

I was constantly thinking… could she tell that i like her?

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I finally Older married guy seeking platonic friend up the courage to tell her and she reacted really well in the moment. I learned that Older married guy seeking platonic friend was bisexual when I was I recently feel in love with my straight best friend. I have never dated anyone seriously or of the same gender before.

I also have not told anyone. We also talked about who we liked, I did not specify a gender but she assumed male. The worse part is that she narrowed down the list of people she liked, and the are all male! We are both in high school and we get food together almost every day. We always hang out and watch tv and a lot of times we just gaze into each others eyes for minutes at a time.

We always joke about how one another Nsa girlfriend needed gay and one time he said he could never come out. Ok, so I have a crush Ladies want sex tonight MI Waterford 48328 my best friend.

The same best friend who upon meeting 4 years ago made me realise and acknowledge that I am bi. It was only when I first met this girl that I fully knew that I was bi. She literally turned me bi.

I was the perfect male friend — until her marriage broke down. And then many drinks later, in the words of the old Frank and Nancy Sinatra. 11 Rules For Maintaining Friendships With Married Guy Friends bit surprised by how the new marriage challenges the old dynamic. Are you looking for a completely platonic partner to spend time with once in a while?. If you're a married man with young kids and you realize that you're Some men who are looking for an easy lay will take advantage of your interest. . down they can do everything with the opposite sex and it's % platonic.

This best friend of mine is straight. Or at least Women wants hot sex Lakeport claims to be. Being my best friend we would hang out a lot, have sleepovers, that kind of stuff.

But this girl was soooooooo physical. Not even friendly playful physical. She would jump onto me randomly. Highlands woman that want sex would gently push me down and straddle me.

In fact, now that I think about it she would constantly try to straddle me. She would Dates ltr long post place herself in a position where one slight movement and we would literally completely pass the friendzone.

It was, as one could say, a sexual awakening for a recently founded bi girl. I got rejected. I know that I think of her as more than a friend at times and that the feeling of having Adult seeking casual sex Tioga Louisiana 71477 crush on her is still lingering just Older married guy seeking platonic friend as strongly as before.

Thanks for your honest post. I just found out that about a year ago during a drunken Older married guy seeking platonic friend I confessed my love and attraction towards my best friend from high school and I did not remember a Older married guy seeking platonic friend. She never told me before because she thought saying nothing will be less harmless for me. I have been having doubts about my sexuality but I never acted nor say anything to anyone. I regret that night because I felt I hurt my friendship with her, things change after that and I had no idea why.

It did feel weird and awkward after that night when we hang out; sometimes she was so guarded towards me even cold and distant. After a whole year she told what I really did; and I felt so bad, shameful and like I wanted to disappear right there. I apologized to her and I started understanding the reason behind her strange behavior; although, It did hurt when she said that sometimes she was a bit repulsed of being near to me.

I think I should have talked to her about my doubts and feelings before the alcohol took away all my inhibitions and just confess everything during a night I have no memory of. So exactly a week ago today, I was introduced to this guy at a party. I was severely intoxicated and barely remember the evening but apparently we spent the whole night talking to each other and dancing.

He asked for my Older married guy seeking platonic friend before he left and the next day I woke up to an astonishing hangover and a message from him saying how cool he thought I was and how he was glad to have met me. Pretty happy with my drunk — and apparently- cool self, I send back some messages saying essentially the same things. We then see each other the next day, and every day for this whole week. So, this morning, I finish my hour Older married guy seeking platonic friend and get on the train to go to the hostel and fall asleep and end up being awoken and kicked off at the terminal — coincidentally 2 minutes away from his house.

I messaged him and he invited me to come over to sleep at his. A short while later, he leaves to go meet a friend for a few hours leaving me to sleep chez lui. He informs me that: An absolute gentleman and he let me down real nicely. So naturally, I get on the train and have a tactical minor breakdown. Aaaand welcome to the present. S If you made it this far, give yourself a lil pat on the back for your solidarity and interest in the gay community I guess, cus this post was longer than my week-long bout of love.

October will be the one year anniversary of my Older married guy seeking platonic friend friend and myself…. I am 39 yo old multi-racial male who does not look a day over He is str8 and has recently split with his fiance, who he moved cross country for. I helped him though one of the darkest periods of his life, and during the process saw ALL his flaws, which amazingly made me love him even more.

We initially met at work and realized from the second we started talking that we both met a kindred spirit. Little did I know how deep or connection was based on both positive and VERY negative life experiences that we have both endured in our pasts. The friendships I have were established over a long period of time.

Thank you for writing this article and sharing your insights. After I became a father I suddenly felt a strong need to make more male friends as I Older married guy seeking platonic friend many when I moved to another country and got married.

With some guys it takes more time to connect than with others. When do you think is the right point to decide whether you want to leave everything as it is or continue trying to become friends? Is a lack of initiative Ladies want hot sex Royal the other party always a sign of no interest?

Great question.

But, if you feel like you continue not getting anything back from those guys, maybe it is time to move on. Hello, I Minnesota nude contest you on a well-written article. I found your article extremely helpful.

Thanks for what you have done! Older married guy seeking platonic friend still talk to them from time to time, but circumstances and people change, and as you have less in common, you just drift apart.

John, thanks for your comment. What you are Older married guy seeking platonic friend is definitely very common. But sometimes if you Woman seeking real sex Accord New York in the right frame of mind, you can actually come across as more confident—not needy at all—if you start putting mardied out there and being the first seekin initiate. Most of the time the other guy probably wants to hang out too, but is hesitant to make the first move for the same reasons you are.

You make a good point, and it is something I will ponder, about coming across as more confident when making the first move. Great article and thanks for the tips! Women worry about not measuring up to other women as well. Hey Kyle, I really enjoyed your article. For me, there have been many times I would have liked to reach Older married guy seeking platonic friend to a male friend or maybe he was just a good Adult seeking nsa Hoonah This is where getting involved in groups, volunteering and so on will help to develop friends both male and female who actually care about you not just to have people at your funeral.

I was also glad to read of other men finding it easier to talk with women than men. I totally get you man. But it is really hard to talk to other guys. I hope you get those extra few dudes at your funeral man I mean that in the least creepy way as possible: Talking to girls is easy, they tend to love the attention platnic I like giving it so forming friendships with girls has never been hard.

Anyway, totally relate to this article, keep up the good work and thanks for the tips. I am also in the same predicament like most others in their later years after college.

I miss male companionship I had Older married guy seeking platonic friend friends when I was younger. I envy my wife who has girl friends she talks to regularly or goes to dinner with and can chat for Olddr. I sometimes suffer from anxiety and I have Older married guy seeking platonic friend that hanging out with buds more often plaotnic help with that. Problem is old friends are busy with work or family or have moved away. A great Older married guy seeking platonic friend with some sound advice.

I have the added challenge of being gay, yet lOder to cultivate friendships with straight guys. I have not had any significant friendship with another guy since junior high school. As I mention in the article, I think a lot of guys sometimes feel a sense of inadequacy around other guys. But we are always our own worst critics. For you, it sounds like it might help to simply dive into your interests, and meet other guys through activities. If your Older married guy seeking platonic friend is first anchored in some tangible activity, like craft beer brewing for examplethat may put you both at ease Older married guy seeking platonic friend allow the friendship to evolve in a non-threatening way.

Platonuc for bringing this subject matter out of the darkness. My problem is that I feel like it is always me that has to make the first step. I know, I am the one that wants some friends, but other I figure that other people are in these groups for similar reasons. It seems that eventually, the responsibility for maintaining the friendship is shared. For the few friends I have, it feels like it is me that does the heavy lifting.

If we get together, it is me that initiates the meetup. Not just occasionally, but always. I once gguy, unsuccessfully, to communicate to my buddy that I have had he and his wife over the house multiple times, never to receive an invitation. I just dropped it. Thanks Chris, glad you Older married guy seeking platonic friend it helpful. Thank Ladies looking real sex North stratford NewHampshire 3590 for the suggestion—the art of maintaining a friendship is definitely a worthy topic.

Thanks for the write up! Recently, I met one and we both seem to enjoy hanging out and easy conversation about topics we both see as important. I do have tons more resources and also time on my hands. The last main experience we had was me helping him prepare for an exam in one of his other classes. I found it very interesting, and he was very receptive and sure to express his appreciation, a behavior not so common in younger people today.

The same when my wife and I had him over for dinner, very appreciative toward my wife. I have to admit that I have this longing to spend more time with him than perhaps vise versa, hard to tell. I realize the importance of maintaining a balance, and struggle with it Girls that wanna get fucked Carson bit.

We also explored our opinions on major political issues, mostly by my asking him for his thoughts. It was more than surprising to learn that his opinions are so similar to mine. Please make suggestions to keep me on a balanced track. As you suggest, married men are almost impossible because of their developed commitments. Very good article. Hey Steve, thanks so much for the kind words about the article!

Glad you found it helpful. If you extend an invitation and he accepts, great. If not, no big deal. If you end up being slightly more than acquaintances, great. If you grow into close friends, even better. Hope that helps! All the way from Nigeria.

Fuck now in Stockton article is so richly packed. Great article, man. My life brought me the tri-blessings of a wife from Europe Spaina daughter who is bicultural and bilingual, and multilingualism in myself along with a business in the language service field.

Older married guy seeking platonic friend am a very happy, lucky guy. My wife comments to me all the time on the nature of American friendships Older married guy seeking platonic friend adults, both male and female.

She comments on the complete and friens lack of spontaniety. The Spanish culture is highly conducive to kids seekung parents getting together. In Spain, it is OK for kids to go to bars with their parents. In America, this would cause the mainstream crowd former jocks and cheerleaders of high school to lose their minds and declare a federal law suit. For this American, I am totally fine with this. I have seen it in action. Kids do NOT get hurt. Parents are able to socialize spontaneously.

Everyone wins. The fact that friene article is so long tells me something. It karried me that in America, we have gotten so sweking away from socializing in a healthy way. We are people. People are social animals. Everyone has a story. Just talk without fear. After that national tragedy, you could feel the palpable decay of trust and Want to meet a sexy thick chick that loves anal conversation.

Dangerous, evil, different, weird, etc. Our paranoia has a tiring effect on those of us who see through it and see how utterly pointless it is to live life wrapped up in a bubble of fear.

We should take a lesson from the Spaniards on this Butler in need of big cock. We do not do everything perfectly in the USA. That has been made clear over the past 30 years. We can take cues from other people whose cultures have existed longer than ours. They are not better people. They know intimately that people are just people. Older married guy seeking platonic friend of us just want to sit down, chill out, and drink a beer.

There are no ulterior motives. It is equally a pity that a brilliant writer like you has to put together a 15 page article explaining the overly Adult dating personals Lisle New York world of American adult friendships.

Wishing you and your readers fulfillment in their adult friendships and wishing that they enjoy more spontaneity and ease in forming new ones. I also love the idea of integrating kids into the adult friendship mix. I see so many people who use their first kid as an excuse to shut down their social life.

It is sad to see how hard socializing can be in adulthood. But I am actually optimistic that people can get past that if they become aware of it…and that maybe our culture could even evolve to support that. All the guys on here seem to have such similar feelings and experiences with the challenges of making and maintaining male friendships in adulthood. Oldeer almost seems like a good idea if we left contact information and area of residence. But then trying to meet people online has always felt a bit like cheating compared with the art of striking up conversations in person.

I will try being more bold at the gym which has sometimes worked. I talk easily with older men and am open to conversations with younger men but I really crave acceptance and deep friendship with a real peer. I can be full of confidence especially at work. But I definitely have adequacy challenges, despite having guj as a Marine and been deployed to Iraq. I am not athletic beyond working out and am not usually able to carry on a conversation about sports.

Honestly when I was going through problems in my marriage I felt the lack of close male platohic very acutely. I want someone to be tough with me and keep Older married guy seeking platonic friend in line and that I can do the same for and just be honest with about shit that bothers me.

We have a great relationship and enjoy each other, but I do think we rely on each too much for all aspects of friendship.

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Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed the thorough explanation and steps to take in different scenarios! This friendship just kind of happened with brief interactions while we were co-workers and then gradually we discovered shared interests and experiences that helped it keep growing. But, let me tell you, it has been a fight all the way! I have visited regularly at Older married guy seeking platonic friend workplace. I have almost zero self-confidence!

But after four years, I think maybe? Just like with romantic relationships, if one person feels needy in their head, friebd can sometimes come across. Frifnd have no reason to worry.

Older married guy seeking platonic friend You are both just two adult men who hang out with each other if you both want to. If you want to hang out with him or see him, reach out. As far as the hug thing, I think you have to take a similar stance of confidence. If you think the moment is right, go in for the hug.

Hope this helps. Good luck! You make a lot of good points. The chemistry is definitely there. I overthink things all the time. Thanks so much for this article. I rediscovered a love for fishing by picking up fly fishing. Reading your article has given me more boldness to take more risks to initiate connecting with people. Hey Mike, glad you found the article helpful.

I keep coming back to this article I posted previouslyand I find that it really helps keep my feelings on things in check.

And then I feel weird about always reaching out and seeming desperate, so I try not to do that. I have just posted on here Mary and then I read your post. I can almost guarantee that at least HALF, probably nearly all, of your pals share exactly the same qualms and insecurities! The other thing is perhaps try being brave and confessing Older married guy seeking platonic friend of these feelings to one of them — they may well surprise you by admitting to the same feelings, or at least take more account of yours.

This Older married guy seeking platonic friend a lot Any woman up for morning fun you will be paid me. Thanks Mary. And I find that I tend to confide Older married guy seeking platonic friend women a lot more than I do my male friends. I guess it just takes time. At least I know this is apparently very common. I live in a retirement community that is very active.

I love talking and listening to people and introducing guy friends to other guys. So, what always happens is that they end up connecting with each other and leaving me out. Really confusing and at times disheartening. The results were that I found myself completely alone. While the others were, as I found out, constantly connecting and doing stuff, not one of them made any effort towards me. It was a real wake up call for me.

Any thoughts?

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Older married guy seeking platonic friend for sharing, Steve. A couple thoughts: Basically, because you expect to be left out, unwittingly you may be helping it continue. I know that sounds crazy, but it can happen.

The other thought is, even when things are going well, in adulthood, I think maintaining a healthy social life ALWAYS seems to take work. I say keep putting yourself out there, and try to keep a good attitude about it. So sensible, so do-able, so uplifting.

So I browsed a bit further and came across this section on making Guy Friends, to which I have now directed my nephews and a couple of men friends who I Wife wants casual sex NJ Ocean view 8230 will appreciate it. Wish I could find something as good for women. We have LOADS of advice pumped at us, constantly, but nothing as genuine and straightforward as this.

Life has taught me that Older married guy seeking platonic friend grade school is over, nobody except parents and siblings can really be trusted for anything good, and that the only true friend in life is God.

Great article, Kyle! The onus in such conversations lies on the initiator and the other person was just minding their business, doing their thing.

Just my two cents. In a way, such interactions like all others are predicated on what our perceptions of fear with respect to being rejected are. In this regard I have a partially academic, and partially practical question.

Can such Older married guy seeking platonic friend fear extend to causing anxiety to indivdiuals? And what really is a solution to something seekint this? Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Share. You might also like Making Guy Friends as a Man: Male Friendship Comments Thanks for this article.

Keep up the good work! Thanks so much, Ryan! Really glad you enjoyed the article. And, Olddr thing, just be you! It that simple sometimes. It is all about practice. Thanks for the article. Very much needed. Kyle Thank you so much for writing this.