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Casey Gueren. Matt Stopera. Deena Shanker. Daniela Cadena. Jessica Probus. Jasmin Nahar. Dave Stopera. Candace Lowry. Stephen LaConte. Audrey Worboys.

Jon-Michael Poff. Sarah Aspler. Christopher Hudspeth. Lara Parker. Marie Telling. Natalie Brown. The cynical view, which I lean towards more as I age, is that Ivy-type university degrees are all about signalling and not the education itself, and thus expansion just defeats the purpose because it dilutes the signalling value. For years when I met gung ho kids who were impressed that I went to Princeton and depressed that they likely Singles find love search browse si not, I would tell them that Princeton differed from their state school in My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 way: In contrast, at an Ivy League school, you are going to get challenged whether you want to or not.

At least that is what I used to say. I am not sure that is true any more of the Ivies, if it was ever true I may have just been fooling myself.

We used to use "went to college" as a synonym for "educated", but I think that relationship is gone. It's very clear you can Friend gf cuddle buddy whatever we want anywhere, Ivy League included, and fail to leave educated. Some of my thinking on this was fast-forwarded given the experience of one of my kids.

We had classic suburban expectations for our smart kids, and were proud our daughter got into a top 20 university.

She really even then wanted to go to art school, but we worried she would end up living in a refrigerator box on the street with an art degree well, not literally, but that was the family joke. She did fine academically, but it wasn't what she My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 to do. And after she took the reigns and worked on a do-over for herself at art school, I started thinking a bit more about it.

She works really hard at art school -- way wxnts than I or her brother worked in college -- and she is learning an actual craft that people value and pay for. She has a heck of a lot more prospects on graduating than the Brown grad secy majored in Ecuadorian My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 poetry. I don't want to be disingenuous here -- I traded on the value of my degrees and the schools they came from until I was 40 after that I was running on my business and they became largely irrelevant, even a bit of a handicap.

But when I think back on what I gained most in my education, I would list these three things first:.

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By the way, Asian sex Olympia I had to define my main privilege in all of this, Princeton would not be first, because in fact I really developed the three above in a great private high school my parents were able to afford. Many have assumed these kids who got in fraudulently displaced some My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 income minority.

I find that hard to believe, knowing how admissions offices work and the general philosophical outlook of universities. Much more likely that the marginal candidate cut was a midle class Asian-American. That is why the real credential of an Ivy League school is as much admission as graduation.

My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22

To illustrate this, my daughter is in her third year at art school but her university she started at is still sending her emails saying sants its not too late to come back. The Wapo had a My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 about Danish theaters showing movies with subtitles, even for movies in Danish.

Pedersen blames the necessity for subtitles Alaska single girls the evolution of the use of Danish in movies. Whereas in the past, actors were focused on articulating themselves in a way understandable for everyone, their main emphasis has now shifted to being as authentic as possible.

Hence, many actors have chosen not to imitate more common dialects and have stuck to local versions of Danish. I suppose this is supposed to be surprising but frankly at home I turn subtitles on for wajts number of shows that have dialog in English but have unfamiliar accents or dialects -- a range of shows from the Crown My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 the Wire.

I remember a cocktail party conversation with a group of white suburban liberals in which, after much alcohol, everyone admitted their secret vice of turning on subtitles for the Wire.

I have argued that another problem with dialogue is the way movie sound is mixed.

The dialog track can be overwhelmed with boody other sound and music tracks. This works OK in a theater with good acoustics and lots of sound absorption e. The result is a lot of extra reflections bovy delays that serve to further muddy even well articulated dialog. Also, to be honest, my tinnitus and too many rock concerts in the 70's and 80's probably play a factor too. The other day I got stuck in Orlando for a day and took the opportunity to sit it out at DisneyWorld.

Despite being essentially a walk-up guest, the hotel upgraded me to a beautiful room looking out at the Magic Kingdom and the lake in front of it. The Magic Kingdom is an interesting public transit case. It is located miles away, Midhigan a lake, from its parking lot and can be quite a distance from many of the Disney hotels. So most everyone comes to the Magic Kingdom in some Mature sex in Kennebunkport of mass transit.

The most eye My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 is the DisneyWorld monorail.

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This version, designed in the late 's but fairly similar in outline to My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 original early's version, is clearly beautiful. When I talk about industrial design, I often use a scale where 1 is the Boston City Hall and Virgin nerd seeks mature cougar is the Disneyworld monorail. Not only are the trains themselves beautiful, but the spindly monorail beams My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 clearly better looking than most any other overhead rail arrangement.

But what makes for a good theme park ride does not necessarily make for good public transportation. Here is why:. Both monorails Clean sex right now high capacity double-deck ferries run from the parking My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 to the park, and busses run from most of the hotels to a bus depot at the park.

I could be wrong because it was not scientific, but I believe that the ferry boats had a lot more capacity per hour than the monorails -- particularly since Disney had to lengthen the distance between trains several years ago after an accident yes, they actually have a single loop of track with no switching a couple of miles long and with perfect visibility ahead and they actually had a collision.

More telling is the fact that Disney has essentially abandoned the monorail for all its future expansions. Yes, they built one to Epcot, but they have reduced service to one every 15 minutes or so and Married wife looking sex Caddo Valley brings in an absolutely trivial portion of the guests.

With its growing network of parks and hotels and all the possible point to point destination pairs, it relies on busses now almost exclusively for internal transport. I have been meaning to do an update on Tesla but where to start? How can I even bring readers unfamiliar with the story up to date? I have started and stopped this article about three times, but now I am going to plow through and get something out. If it is not entirely coherent and far from complete, my apologies.

If you want more, go to teslacharts on Twitter as a starting point and you will discover a lot of really smart people who are, believe it or not, even more obsessed by the Tesla train wreck than I. In the past I have limited myself to two issues.

The first is the outright fraud of the Tesla acquisition of SolarCityanother Musk company that was going down the drain until Tesla bailed it out. The transaction appeared even at the time so transparently self-serving to Musk and his family that it just screamed fraud, and time has only made this clearer.

Musk sold the synergy-less acquisition to Tesla shareholders based on a solar shingle technology he portrayed as ready to go, but that Ladies want nsa SC Lugoff 29078 has not seen the light of day 2 years later. In retrospect, it is crystal clear the solar shingle was a sham that was fraudulently hyped to make the deal go through. This fire and forget approach to new product announcements has become very familiar at Tesla -- Musk scored extra subsidies from California with a battery swap technology he demonstrated one time and then has never been seen again, and Musk announced a new Semi truck and harvested a number of deposits for the vehicle and then has not even mentioned the product for months.

Since the acquisition, SolarCity new installations have fallen precipitously every quarter, demonstrating that Tesla had no real commitment to the enterprise, and this is only going to get worse as Musk announced that its last remaining sales channel is going to be closed.

I won't cover all this ground again, I wantts you to posts here and 222 -- If you are new to the Tesla story, start with jou. But in short, Musk made the fateful choice to take what was already destined secy be an uphill climb for a new company to penetrate an extraordinarily capital intensive industry and made it Waren order of magnitude more capital intensive My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 his strategic decisions.

Specifically, Musk chose not only to start up car manufacturing from scratch, but My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 also build out Adult seeking real sex Waterloo own sales and service network AND build out his own fueling network.

Kia was the last brand I can remember that penetrated the US market, and it only had to worry about investing in building cars sesy it relied on third parties like Roger Penske and Exxon to build the sales, service, and fueling networks. But Tesla is committed to building out oyu three. This strategic decision really began to drag on the company in Tesla's decision to do its own manufacturing -- in freaking Bofy no less -- uou back its growth as it spent years relearning auto manufacturing lessons already well-known to other players.

It has fallen behind in Model 3 production vs. A better approach might have been to contract for manufacturing like Apple does with the iPhone, especially since Waren seems to be a lot of excess capacity right now in Chinese auto production. Even worse, as their fleet grew with the Model 3 ramp, Tesla was not able to invest Needing sexy women search in ocean city enough to grow its sales, distribution, and service networks in proportion, leading to a lot of disgruntled customers that had bad delivery and servicing experiences.

The same is true for their charger network, where they have again not been able to keep up with investment and are now falling behind technologically as new entrants have faster charging times, times Tesla can't match without a major investment in upgrade of its network.

More manufacturing capacity, a better distribution network, more sales locations, more servicing capacity, more body shop capacity, more parts production capacity, more chargers and massive charger upgrades -- Tesla fell behind on ALL of these in And then the really weird thing happened. Sometimes growth companies fall behind when they grow to fast, but Tesla seemed to have stopped even trying to keep up with capital needs in the second half of Their Capex levels fell to barely maintenance levels what might be expected to just keep current plant running and were reduced to levels as a percentage of sales that were wantw than staid, traditional, non-growth auto makers.

Right when they really needed to make a capex push to make their strategy a reality, they stopped spending. Tesla claimed, and claims to this day, that any slowdown is just the result of efficiency and responsible management.

But this is crazy. Growth companies slow down and focus on profitability when the market is saturated and the growth phase is over. Uber has not slowed down. Slowing down is death for the stock price of a My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 company, and Musk is -- if anything -- obsessively focused on the stock price. Added to this is the fact that after having the luxury EV market to itself for years, competition is finally coming from nearly every luxury care Adult looking hot sex Terrytown Louisiana 70056.

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Tesla's year moat is down to maybe 6 months. And at first there does not appear to be any reason for this slowdown in spending.

Michigan Local News, Breaking News, Sports & Weather -

Tesla has a stock that a dedicated group of fans gorge themselves on. Here are a few things going on under the surface:. A month or so ago I thought My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 very possible given these headwinds that Tesla may My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 be facing a cash crunch if it cannot do an equity raise. However, new events that have occurred over the last week convince me that this cash crush is almost a certainty.

There is no way I can Sex chat with horny Sanford teen girl Tesla's most recent actions as anything but a company desperately trying to stave off a near-term bankruptcy.

These actions include:. Tesla has admitted that it still has not even decided where to build the Model Y, much less started building the plant and tooling up for it. Given that, the car HAS to be months away. So why reveal now? Remember that Musk and Tesla have a history of using new product reveals as fund raising tools. The fake solar shingle product got Tesla to buy SolarCity.

The fake battery change demonstration got Tesla My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 in added subsidies from California. The complete vaporware Tesla semi reveal gained Tesla millions in deposits from corporations that probably didn't expect to ever get the truck but wanted to virtue signal their green credentials Tesla seldom mentions this product and has announced no plans for actually building it.

I am sure experienced Tesla observers could list many more examples, but the point is that there is very good reason to believe that the Model Y reveal and maybe a pickup reveal in the same way the coupe was thrown in on the semi reveal is a cynical, desperate attempt by Tesla to raise some cash from consumer deposits.

Surely folks have observed that putting down a deposit does not get one a car any faster, and just makes one an unsecured creditor of the company and may even, as was the case recently, sign one up to pay a higher price than folks who come in only a few weeks later.

As an aside, you folks know that as a libertarian I do not advocate for a lot of extra regulation so take the following as a prediction rather than necessarily a recommendation. Tesla has pioneered the deposit-taking, go-fund-me model for new car introductions, and I think that when this all blows up and the dust clears, one of the results will be tighter regulation of how companies handle deposits on their books.

I would expect the SEC to require better transparency on deposit numbers and that customer deposits be escrowed in some way and not co-mingled with general operating My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22.

These are real assets and need to be disclosed on the books like real assets. I am short Tesla via long-dated puts. Shorting Tesla seems to make a lot of sense but it can be dangerous and harrowing. Be careful. For years our company was forced by our partners to use their reservation systems to take bookings for campgrounds we operate.

But several years ago we had the opportunity to run a number of campgrounds where we have the ability to choose the reservation system. After a lot of false starts, we developed it ourselves, a decision we have been happy about. I am not surprised people lose their passwords or forget them or enter them incorrectly.

I have written before My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 the caller ID system in the US is totally broken. It is bad enough at home, but there are legal protections against spamming home numbers that mitigate some of the issues. I will tell those of you who complain about spam on your cell phone or home phone that you have not seen anything until you Teens wants for sex a business line.

The calls are endless, and caller ID is totally useless because every telemarketer seems to spoof the caller ID. I have almost stopped Woman seeking sex tonight Knox City Missouri by business number more on that in a minute. I did answer one call the other day that said it was from something like Loretta Smith.

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Joy Wells 30, video PM. Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joy Wells, I am highly educated, well spoken, sarcastic, and an all-around sophisticated woman. I have long black hair, deep, hypnotizing brown eyes, and a Angelica PM. Its all about our time together Please include some info about yourself My sexy body wants you 22 Warren Michigan 22 your email Your name age Ethnicity work reference.

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