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Ladies hit me up for some good sex

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Are you curious about slapping your partner or being slapped by your partner during sex? When it comes to sexual spanking, slapping, whippingwe mr get a bit uncomfortable. Any erotic pain-play can Ladies hit me up for some good sex up emotions in many of us. Sex comes with all Hot horny women Middleton Tennessee of emotions, both positive and negative.

Here is eome bottom line: If you are both into it, have consented, are turned on, and are adults, slapping is totally OK. In fact, any sexual act between consenting adults is perfectly fine. For all the slapping beginners out there, we have you covered.

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Before you do anything, you have to talk everything through. There should certainly not be any unexpected face slapping during sex. That is non-consensual play and a big no-no. Slapping a face is a step up from spanking a butt.

Ladies hit me up for some good sex

Slapping can be very empowering and sexy for some people, and not at all for others. I find that the easiest way to introduce a partner to slapping is by watching some porn where slapping is an element.

Meaning, no going to Pornhub or RedTube. Look for something on a female-focused site such as TrenchCoatX or Bellesa. The goal is to Ladies hit me up for some good sex excitement, not fear.

Porn is a fun, easy-going way to get your partner chill with the idea of slapping before trying it. Know your stuff! If possible, take a class on slapping. There are plenty of places in major cities that offer free classes such soome The Pleasure Chest and Babeland.

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It can very helpful to see things for yourself. Watch YouTube videos. Here is a great video on spanking from sex ed genius Jess Wilde. This intro videofrom Nina Pain, is basically face slapping The point is, you want to know everything you can before trying pu yourself.

Face slapping is basically butt slapping, goo more advanced and with more risks. No slapping until the spanking is on lock. Now, you might Ladies hit me up for some good sex be into butt slapping, but are turned on by face slapping.

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This is totally valid. Hut butt is going to absorb a slap more easily than a face. There is generally less pain and greater surface area to work with.

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Practice on butts, and then move to faces. This should be a non-sexual word that lets your partner know they should stop and check in with you. I soem something like the following: Your safe word is a safetynet. It gives you permission to pull out of the scene, even briefly, without quelling out the sexual charge.

Ladies hit me up for some good sex

You may end up with a bruise or Ladies hit me up for some good sex black eye. Not cute. Start with gentler blows.

Rub the spot where you hit them to uit the skin. You can also pull them out during oral sex for a slap across the face before you put them back to work. Work your way up to harder smacks. Communicate and check in. Everyone should be into it every step of the way. When slapping, never go for it willy nilly. If you slap someone across the face, you can wind up with whiplash or causing too much of a sting.

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This helps to both stabilize their head and to absorb some of the blow. If you or your partner would like to be slapped without the buffer, you can have that conversation, but I highly recommend you keep it in place for a while. It makes the slap far less of a stinging pain, and even perhaps a bit more passionate. The face is a highly sensitive area that requires careful navigation.

Ladies hit me up for some good sex

Always be cautious. Stay away from places like the ears or eyes. Focus entirely on cheeks. If you slap goov in the ear, you can cause physical harm in a way that is absolutely not sexy at all. If you accidentally make contact with an ear, the nose, or an eye, stop immediately and check in. It happens. Hence, beginning with spanking and softer face slaps. Master the fundamentals first, then you can get slaphappy.

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Newsletter Wellness, Meet Inbox. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Love October 12, By Gigi Engle. Share via facebook dialog. Share Bbw named Fort worth Twitter. Share via Pinterest. Have an open an honest conversation—and get some inspiration. Do your research, both of ssx Explore spanking first. Have a safe word. Start with soft pats.

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Place your hand on the other cheek. Stick with non-sensitive areas. Keywords bdsmsex tips. Trending 1.

I'm great at seeing flaws in others and propping myself up above them by smugly “Are you still grappling with the sexual tension between us? She was as easy to talk to as any girl I'd ever been with, and I found myself at ease. . a very unconfident version of me, and we probably wouldn't have hit it off as well as we did. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of hit up is. The slang word You should hit up that girl, she's sweet. You got my number - hit me up some time. See more words with feel-good hit of the summer. Definitions Definitions include: to have sex with a person and then stop seeing that person. hit it off. Cel1 might have done something wrong, I don't know, but Leo beat her He got so nervous, he would come pick me up from work or wait up for me until I got so he would hit me Elena Muftoz also saw men's sexual suspicions as linked to There can be a case of a good woman, who works very hard, who maybe is.

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