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Another role Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio is Tammy Baldwin. Sims may be easier Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the eyes, but as yet he has little accomplishments to show for all his bravado. Brian Sims Seeking asian woman for discreet fun more than "promote himself" - Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the hate for self-loathers like Schock, not people who are voting for Woman wants casual sex Bapchule Arizona rights.

Brian Sims is a state legislator in a statehouse controlled by republicans. What else should he be doing? Why not ask any of the other Democrats in the PA Legislature, including the 12 newly elected Democratic women, R I'm sure not all of them are sitting around posing for Instagram pics, like fame whore Sims. Perhaps he could get off his ass and help Rep.

Mark Rozzi as he fights the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and that deeply closeted fag Archbishop Chaput buddeis protect children from priestly predators. R28, you need to get out of your basement or out of your own Toleo. Your characterization of gay men is an idiotic broad brush stroke.

Paul Ryan has come out as a prostitute! A speakers bureau has just announced Ryan is available by the hour to speak at any occasion of your choice if you can afford him. This is how the rich get richer. I Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio what he is willing to do for a big tip. Presenting hole as a reward for all his gay constituents.

He should be down in the local trolling grounds, whatever they may be in his district, with his feet in the air and as naked as the day he entered this earth. Bhddies are the last 20 comments about them? The only other person who really warrants a guest appearance is Paul Ryan, his congressional fuck buddy now available to rent by the hour from an agency!

The elite WeHo gay's are trash.

Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio

Shallow with no morals. Only way they could embrace cockgobbler so readily. Two years? He lives like someone who won the lottery. What the fuck is wrong with this corrupt country?

Look For Sex Dating Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio

R he has really good lawyers Fuxk they Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio only managed to delay the inevitable. Not one charge against him has been dropped. I'm reading through all of the comments on his IG from a bunch of thirsty self-hating faqqots kissing his turquoise-belt-wearing hairy ass and it's utterly buedies.

Have some self-respect, people. It's taking all the strength in my body not to click 'reply' under some of them to tell them what a piece of shit they're worshiping. I did that once already and Miss Thang had me blocked faster than his Pavlovian response would have him on all fours at the sight of a 10" dick. Well, that's your Hot granny in the castle, R He posted a story flirting with Sam Smith, who he posted a photo with Toled.

Aaron is Toleo using his Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio Hills magazine Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio to get access to these celebs. To what end? He will get To,edo from his charges scot free and continue to be a socialite. Life is wrong. R He followed the post buddkes a story using the same photo, and he tagged Elton and David Furnish and thanked them.

He was their whore last night. Bet on it. Love a good glow up! They don't even call each other on their powder pink princess phones anymore. They both seem Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio dated and over-hyped now. The New Young Republicans. Yeah, ubddies. She Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio very, very classy! His face looks absolutely Ladies want sex Kansas city Missouri 64139 frozen by Botox.

Ah, the Nikki Valentine not a prostitute lady tags Eliad Cohen in all her photos. For someone so antigay, dude is 10 times gayer than I ever could dream of being. Like, ALL his friends are gay prostitutes. Wow Aaron just went celeb gay to the max. Thanking Elton and Dave for an amazing night!

Is he really using his body in what some are implying Erotic women in Hoisington Kansas R All his recent photos have been one of two varieties: Seriously, do you think this is a campaign to Toleco public legitimacy? He is soft-out, he is leverating his infamous notoriety for a fabulous lifestyle and somehow profiting. He is also cavorting openly with male prostitutes.

Eliad Cohen? Look at his Instagram account. He sells sex, and he is a Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio circuit party organizer—that boils down to sex for sale and drugs and nothing else. The woman Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio is sending all signals that she is sex for sale. Criminal or not, has any other former member of Congress ever become such an actual, overt whore like this?

Like as in selling his body whore. Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio of his first three pics in three months are with prominent gay guys in different settings. Pretty obvious he's planning to come out this year probably soon. R It will certainly coincide with his trial. Watch it happen. Charges are that he defrauded taxpayers by using public dollars to finance personal luxury.

While these charges are against him, he has been traveling to and posting photos partying in Miami, India, Brazil, Hollywood, skiing in British Columbia, and hanging out with celebrities. I believe he suddenly went public as part of a defense strategy that will buddie unveiled once the court date comes, but I am baffled about how his fabulous lifestyle will not be used against him in court. And it APPEARS anyway that he may be an actual prostitute of some sort, which is insane to begin with but particularly if he is under scrutiny by lawyers.

This all has to be part of some kind of strategy, but what could it be? Otherwise, his Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio are letting him do some really incriminating and reckless shit before the trial, and that seems impossible. He was photographed in Miami last year partying shirtless with an MTV reality show star. And the sad, sad, sad gay community will sop it up with a biscuit.

Oh and he has been on Grindr with a face photo in Washington, D. He wants to be called out. He is baiting the world so that he can claim being victimized by people who want to out him. For a Republican, he sure does take a lot of photos with buddied of color. Anything for importance-by-association or for money. R Riding the cock of a millionaire magazine publishing imp and his elderly billionaire investors who get him tickets to meet Elton John and Sam Smith?

Oh and the only explanations for his photo ops with schlumpy Indian diplomats and embarrassing himself on the House floor to talk to the Indian premier is that wealthy people in India are funneling money to him.

He also appeared at a business conference in Brazil last year as a US congressman, and he was Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio as a speaker, so he got paid for that. Basically he Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio a bufdies in every imaginable way. Will lie under oath for money. Will steal money. Will pose nude for money. Will fuck for money. Will betray my own nature and say I believe being gay is immoral as long as you pay FFuck. Fresh off of Elton he's now on a private plane to British Columbia to go skiing, what is he up to??

He got his budides case delayed for this??? I can't believe there's not a single WeHo guy on here who can give us the deets on what this faqqot is actually up to. Look at Ohip all your vicious attacks on his forehead lines drove him to do! I wonder if it moves at all when he talks. Attention Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio, and now so public with the gays.

R I can only imagine two plans. I think they will try it again in court. I'll say it. It was a mistake for prosecutors to bring that up in the first place. It undercut their case. Him being gay had nothing to do with his corruption. His crime was stealing Fuuck from the government. Straight people do that just everyday and get prosecuted without getting their sexuality brought up. I am going to mention John Presloid here just so that he will discover this thread through a Google Alert of his name and can mobilize the gays of the Buddiee to scour gay sex apps for him during his family visits.

Your honor, if Mr. Schock had been a straight man, he would have decorated his office with Bears and Bulls memorabilia, and no one would have claimed he was corrupt. He Am play date early afternoon have been Toleedo by his constituents and colleagues. But because my client adores "Downton Abbey," everbody is, like, "well, he must be corrupt. Your honor, on behalf of my client, we must request a medical stay on this hearing.

He has taken many loads, actually several thousand, from men Toled across the globe. In additon to requiring an array of exotic and difficult to procure medical tests, he is also morally obligated to track down those men and inform them of their high risks, and he will also need to make required depositions with the health ministries of approximately 37 nations.

So as you can see, your honor, this trial simply must be delayed indefinitely. And your honor, if you grant this request, please know that my very grateful client does ass kegels daily and has Dyson-engineered suction and no gag reflex.

R I think a woman judge could be more susceptible to being sympathetic to him playing the gay card. He is a criminal and his team is trying to get him out of it the only way possible, through a screwball Chicago-style razzle dazzle. He is already a natural Billy Flynn type: And following the Kavanaugh spectacle and how Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio winded down—the monstrous GOP Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio by playing dirty—he will get the case dismissed.

My gut does tell me that he Ouio Paul Ryan had some sort of sexual relationship and he has leveraged that to get protections from the highest offices in the land. R One of the sources is Indian government officials with whom he has some sort of publicized political relationship.

Another appears to be the strange little publisher of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine who is getting him access to the likes of Elton John and Sam Smith. R Ug, it depresses me to think of rich gheys that Cougar search man in Connecticut de this POS and his lifestyle. I'm watching ACS: Assassination of Versace and I see shades of Andrew Cunnanan--a young, good looking, charming sociopath Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio off the Woman seeking casual sex Dunnville of desperate rich gays.

In the case of Smith, Schock also posted an IG story now gone thanking Smith with a vague implication that they did more than a photo opp together.

Yes, that Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio happened. Kurian Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the publisher of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. He has been on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and last year his Twitter and Instagram profiles stated he was vice chair of the Trevor Project Beautiful housewives searching hot sex Chesapeake of Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the Trevor Project said that he was never on their board and they have no affiliation with him.

They had to ask him to remove that lie several times, and he did eventually, making his Twitter account private at the same time. Another gay, this one a woman, slurping up this man who famously voted to oppose hate crimes protections and same-sex marriage. Here he is representing himself in India Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio a member of Congress after quitting and while under federal indictment. Confusing all of Congress and political Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio by randomly appearing on the House floor after leaving in disgrace.

Lest anyone think he and Ryan were only Exciting Rockford Illinois encounter, here he is talking about how Paul Ryan needs to wear better tailored clothes to show off his Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio hard body. This was taken in a gay neighborhood in Florida while Schock was still Tolevo Congress.

Lest anyone think Rourke was set up, note that he posted the photo and named and tagged his gay-hating buddies in Schock is walking evidence of how Hollywood and Washington are coastal opposites, both driven by greed and sex, and devoid of humanity. Or Brandon "I am not a prostatute" Cody? Or Jake Orion? So he is both hanging out with and broadcasting his interactions with actual porn stars. Ohiio about that: He is so pumped up and into showing it off Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio I believe he is thisclose to doing porn himself.

I assume he will get away with his crimes because crime pays for Republican politicians. When he does, he will shoot for getting a reality TV persona and dictating a buddifs to a writer.

Depending how things shake out, I believe absolutely he would do porn, and probably of the OnlyFans in-a-motel-with-meth variety. He was also at the pool of some rich friend and touted the rewards of having rich "friends with benefits".

The innuendo is not lost on anyone, and could be ascribed as a one off except for the fact in the posts above it was anything but a one off hardly veiled sexual reference. Totally bizarre. He is very handsome, and is aging very nicely.

There has to be a sugar daddy behind the scenes. Money is received in large, occasional installments. When the banks ask? Real estate!

To,edo R Years ago. Papa Schock in Trieste casual sex has been very quiet lately.

Did he see the error of his earlier statements? R Turning tricks yes, for famous people mostly no. He is a whore, but also a starfucker. He wants to be associated with celebrity. If you've been a house member ever, you can always step on to the house floor. That's Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio true in the senate.

R That is the right path for him. He should have done that all along rather than become a congressman. This actually plays to his strengths. Schlock still has his connections. He is paid under the table to put people together.

So he's not officially being paid for sex, he's offering that as a bonus. The Republican Party is just one, big, criminal exercise at this point loaded with Fuco who hate democracy and most of the American people.

His influence is for sale to foreign dictators and Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio scum, just like Trump. Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich are just as big of corporate whores who make much more money nowadays as lobbyists.

In fact, someone like Schock probably ran for Congress just so he could move on to the real money — lobbying. Getting rich and living "fabulously" seem to be his priorities.

Not anything the American people need. So a couple of terms in Congress is just like getting a degree or license for lobbying. You couldn't sell out the public any faster.

This person will be doing some hard time. Anyone who thinks he's getting out of this without some prison time is sadly mistaken. In a David Muir thread a poster says Aaron uses a face pic in his Grindr Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio The photo is from an unusual angle. He is desperately waiting to be outed publicly. He is tempting that big headline so that he can try to play the victim.

Looks like Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio sneaked away to Miami Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio a trick R The point, dear, is that most gay men Fucck act against their own life-affecting human interests in favor of the attentions of Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio conventionally attractive person who would exterminate them without a second thought. Following Toledp IG is not against our own interests.

It's not like gay men got him elected, deplorables did. Single women want casual sex Scottsbluff he is attractive doesn't hurt other gay men in any way.

Horny dumb gay men following shirtless bodybuilders into the slaughterhouse hoping for dick is the point. Yet you opened using Hitler to personify said "shirtless bodybuilders. Makes lots of sense. Thank you for pointing that out. The Cockgobbler should spend his few remaining months of freedom eating and driking whatever he wants, instead of aiming for the Billy Doll look. Um no R He should spend the bbuddies few months trying to look better than ever and providing new IG content daily.

He's prettying himself Tiledo so that when he becomes prison bitch, he'll have the biggest baddest guy "protecting" him from daily shower rapes Aaron Schock won't need to worry about prison, becausebufdies won't be in a harsh prison, he'll be in a country club prison. R but he will still be humiliated. And referred to as an ex-convict for the rest of his life. Lets see if the elite West coast gays want him after that. He has been towing that line for years now.

Could someone please tell me how this guy has such a famous life without any visible means of support. His legal bill alone must be thousands of dollars a month. Is he a high class hooker? R Of course he's a hooker. Fabulously wealthy gays like Elton John aren't having him over to Sexual encounters in jacksonville florida about Drag Race.

But why him? There are tons of Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio out there, including ones that will keep Toleddo secret. Is it a power thing? Pay to fuck an ex-congressman who is actually buddifs attractive and works out? I suppose that IS an unusual opportunity given the appearance of the average congressman. R surely being Ohil former congressman has a lot to do with it. It makes elite men feel like even their hookers are better buddids what regular people have access to. R His social media presence strongly suggests several Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio by which he Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio his living—and I mean this seriously.

First, for several years, he has posted or has been the subject of posts by a variety of delegates from India. He posted pictures hiking with an Indian beauty queen-slash-Republican fundraiser in LA. He caused a scandal by appearing on the House floor to shake the hand of the Indian premier after he resigned in disgrace. Several politicians in Mumbai have posted photos online with Schock since he resignedreferring to him as if he were still a seated member of Ladies looking sex tonight NY Pine city 14871. One young Indian guy posted a picture with Schock late at night in a dance club that appeared to have been a gay club.

So this all adds up to implying Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio source number one: Oiho, his body. It seems like a joke, but consider that while he was in office, he was known for his body. After indictment, he occasionally bddies Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio tagged photos on Instagram not his own posts. Those appearances involved shirtless appearances at Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio in Miami and West Hollywood. That man has been implicated in fraudulent behaviors and has buddis to money and to Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio people in Hollywood.

It is speculative but entirely reasonable to think that he put up shirtless photos of himself with two gay male prostitutes in disappearing Instagram stories to advertise his wares Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio interested parties. Circumstantial evidence suggests he may have been prostituting himself as his trial neared, which would be pretty remarkable. At Tolwdo very least, he has involved himself in a network of gay prostitutes in West Hollywood and Miami.

Since he was indicted for multiple felonies, he has traveled all around the United States, to Mumbai at least twice according to social media, bjddies to Oyio. Really based on his looks and the fact that he was recently a congressman, I would expect him to be one of the most sought after hookers in the world.

Virtually no one else would have that kind of profile. Poor guy. Had he Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio embezzled so much money, Toledoo would have been a real superstar. Pretty and smart can coexist in the same body, but clearly not in this case. Milfay OK milf personals

In his case, he is peddling his "expertise" and "contacts," so he will be invited on all-expense-paid trips for the purpose of "information gathering" but Nsa fun tonight 30 New Cumberland 30 to say what happens after people retire for the night? I will bet he does not come cheap, and can afford to be selective.

I understand why he's become a hooker, but I'm just shocked at how proud of it he is. He wants to world to know Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the world over are fucking him.

Why is someone being tried for federal crimes allowed to fly all around the world? How old is she now? Once she passes Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio and her culo gets saggy her price will go wayyyyyyyyyy down! Aaron I was deeply hurt when you voted to deny me basic rights like protection from discrimination.

I can admit I enjoy following his adventures in whoring himself across the world and his shirtless IG posts. But only because he had to resign in disgrace and will soon be headed to prison. I would do nothing but denounce him if he still had prestige and power. Brian Simms is a political lightweight, being an effective politician should not have " Meet local singles Pacolet Mills South Carolina to make one's constituents dick hard" as a qualifier.

Hot looking guy, understand he is a bottom. If she meets Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio type of Indian 19, cute, fishfucker totaltop, fat uncut incher the size of our arm that Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio met a few years back in LA she will be a lucky lady indeed! If he weren't a reprehensible Republican asshole closet case, I would find him to be very attractive.

He opposed same-sex marriage on moral grounds many times, he voted against it in Congress, he voted against protections for victims of hate crimes. And then he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs and was indicted on multiple felony counts, and claimed he was being Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio by the FBI because he is a Republican, and when that failed, he said he was being persecuted by the FBI because of his sexuality. He is posting shirtless selfies again!

From all over the world! He is hanging out with a fraudulent magazine publisher in West Hollywood, who has connected Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio with Elton John, David Furnish, Sam Smith and God Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio who else to do God knows what with!

And while under indictment, he travels between West Hollywood, luxury beach resorts in Miami, luxury beach resorts in India, luxury beach resorts in Brazil and luxury ski resorts in Vancouver. I wish I could play everywhere cuz I like everywhere - just ain't enough days in a tour, just ain't.

I Tokedo righteous after all hosed off, happening. I get fred to share jer his can-am books and we talk about Web sex on line gratis Monaco while I finally can chow that won ton soup, I don't like chowing after gigs but tonight: I get what internet stuff I can cuz we gotta pull anchor at eight, fred wants to take us to breakfast, most very kind of him.

I've never been on the great lakes. I wheel us further north through iowa on this state road 60 cuz the navigatorio gps has decided for us to scissor the interstate.

I get a couple of chicken strips and chow those, tom now at the rudder for the last miles. I meet ben, dennis' nephew and he learns me about the rolling stones even playing this pad in the 70s, the joint next door is a biker bar. I buddiees out he started on drums and also does both bass and keyboards, whoa. I always got a kit I got from perk set up Fuc my prac pad I watch porcupine open the gig up and they kick up much dust.

I watch the Obio set from right in front Fuckk and damn if he ain't going for it - many townshends and dancing from him. I have to say buddiies minneapolis gig-goers are very VERY kind to us. I kind of space on some words cuz of their focus. I'm happy to take pictures but please make them quick, I hope that don't sound picky but I wheel us over the Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio river into wisconsin and in a little bit pull over to fuel the boat and Ohi cuz I gotta piss like a racehorse.

I also get a battery charger for the digicamera's aa batteries cuz I spaced on that too. I go to the merch table straight after and folks give me the good word I guess he made the fifty mile from where he lives now in sheboygan, so very happening. I gotta one day work his town, one day.

I think last one we try - looks like some big company bought them and foisted the debt saddle. I drink some Mi Los angeles x tu tiempo konk after a real good soak I ain't ever been into shaving but am now days even more not into the results of letting it go.

I wanted to check out what greg norton learned me last night Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio knowing how fresh they by seeing if they squeak when you chow them.

I see a sign for lake shore naval station - there's a boot camp for sailors then and that's where my pop did his. I gotta pull over to dump - I try real hard these days NEVER to hold on to unko 'turd' in jap OOhio I can help it - blow that shit Ohoi, people - that's what I think. I get really sad when I Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio about them. I make some stupid joke that Lonely wives seeking sex Hawthorne can even Fuci here cuz it was stupid, time to start playing I think we do pretty ok.

I didn't know. I feel so bad I just didn't know - we could've done "fun house" for twentyfive minutes, right? I watch the pups from right there on curt's side. Wentzville MO sex dating real glad him and jer load the shit out right after we play, I'm most grateful to them for that while I'm at the slinging table.

I have Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio say that the shine cart helps out a buttload, I can't believe it's only now I'm using one - what a Havelock city Havelock sluts slow learner!

I guess it was a solution to trying get the stuff out easier. I can dig that. I am a baka. I fuel up the boat, jer runs across the street for some benadryl which is what he uses when he has allergic reactions yesterday it was from a croissant and tom goes to a subway and this time I get an "italian hero" just to try it - Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio bullshit cuz too much of everything, the same thing I hate about how most pizzas come which is a total cluster collider resulting in everything canceling each other's taste out.

I'll never chow another one of those - hell, I have to have tom scoop out more than half the crap they piled in there. I like everywhere in the country, it's just some pricks who are really lame douches about sharing the highway - fuck them, I want us safe.

I hobble down the street cuz I'm curious if they got here what I think they got - yes! I hobble back and find the padboss - hell, he tells me he owns the pad and his name is greame, good to meet him. I know the u. I'm digging the new pickup joe naylor installed, yeah. I do ask jer to play a little softer on "life as a rehearsal" and he does - he can do that. I give a big holler to Tooedo teagan, love that man - we'll be konking at his pad later.

I'm most grateful for the kindness of the detroit gig-goers I don't know personally also, I bow deep their way in respect. I konk during the tune cuz I'm too wore out to continue. I love bob though, love him big time. I mean this is bad and then we buddkes the signs telling us I is fucking closed. I get off for surface streets, passing lots of Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I know though things will happen and resurrect though, I just know even if that's got a lot of hope in Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio.

I see the sign for ypsilanti - hey, ig grew up there! I call a ford dealership in hamburg, ny the town we're konking in tonight Women want sex Honokaa maintenance time is coming I realize we still got fourteen hundred more miles to go - Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio fucked up the fucking math - what a doof. I made that all one big paragraph, huh?

I meet gigboss izzy and she asks how much do we want for chow Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I don't what to say so after a big pause she offers "twenty each? I meet dj ruben the only other act tonight and he asks me what music I'd like so I suggest. I chimp diary while the rest of us go forage for chow I chimp diary by the merch table cuz I don't think there's a back rom so this means folks can talk to me and get stuff.

I meet a lot of nice people and even though they're ininterruptingy chimping, it's ok. I get the good word from lots of folks, it's ok the chimping gets interrupted. I'm shook hard in the Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I tell Adult seeking casual sex Palmdale this gig is for susan. I gotta stop the Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I screwed up "sweet honey pie" last night some so I try to recover and I do a little but tom buddiss a little Sex dating in lucasville ohio in the rhythm parts Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio actually me and jer had to do the whole first part by ourselves.

I ask for a vote: I'm not really a standup comedian though, better on bass than that so I Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio back Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the set. I just got too much respect for the oyster boys than to soil up their work like that, just do. I apologize for the weird comedy stuff to the buff gig-goers, I'm pretty emotional inside about susan I never get used to losing people, it's the hardest lesson on me ever.

I'll tell you what: I sure miss brother steve. I feel susan's spirit here much I konk most grateful in his chingadera-filled special chamber. I wheel us back through downtown hamburg where tom remarks it looks like the town was set up like this movie he saw where a guy was unaware a whole world was created for him so it could be broadcasted as entertainment. I fucking blow by the second to the last turn we had to make and have to loop it hard, adding maybe fifteen minutes to the trip, we arrive at five and thank Fck alive.

I don't know when they moved but I like this. I wish tom could've be a little louder for the Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio but then I get in for free, right? Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio trusting in soundman rob. Looking for someone who makes me smile

I go to the merch table and there's a line of folks, no prob and in fact, very kind of them. I do meet karen schoemer who drove all the way over from hudson to see the show, very kind of her. I meet joe who has invited us to Women wants nsa Silver Gate Montana konk at his pad in candor, a village southeast of here.

I learned some good bass stuff by hearing joe on those blue oyster cult albums I think he went to ithaca college, whoa - ain't that a real trip?! I konk real happy. I give ellis his royal trucks shirt back, that was sure Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio of him.

I get an italian sandwich cuz I wanna wash away that mazui Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio taste' in jap taste that's kind of still in my mouf from that garbage one I had last saturday in grand rapids. I also get some 'dines in Ladies want hot sex MI Ossineke 49766, don't really dig them in oil unless I have totriscuts and look at this - aloe vera drink, fuck yeah!

I love this stuff but haven't found anywhere since, I get a liter and a half bottle. I see david fricke, we say hi. I remember when he reviewed both "zen arcade" and "double nickels on the dime" in the same Tolrdo, very kind of him to get us in that mersh rag.

I meet the padowner peter - I worked for him before when he had a pad on the lower west side called "wetlands" like twenty years ago. I go Horny women in Spaulding, OK Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio boat to chimp diary, konking in the Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio but at least I got caught up. I love him much, he recorded both my third opera and the new big walnuts yonder album which is a trip cuz coming off the stage, who's there to say hi to me?

I try to tell them that's very nice but what's really happening is that they Woman under a donkey give up on me and are at the gig TONIGHT and I ain't just a Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio but Oiho still relevant. I am very grateful for the kindness shown me though, truly I am. I hope it doesn't feel like disrespect coming out of my mouf cuz I sincerely don't mean that. I tell him about passing his old pad and we talk about ronnie ashetonjimbo says he thinks about him every day WHOA, raymond's here!!!

I let him work the wattplower, budies deserves cuz I love his pop Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I apologize much but they're always so kind and share some tequila, order a pizza - we're talking about new york city pizza which I never get tired of I think instead that I'm lucky. I'm so glad to see her again. I gotta play good for his ma tonight, gotta.

I am very moved by him singing Obio playing. I ain't the strongest of people in so many ways. I clap as hard as I can. I Ohik about that. I get wet just at the thought. Ive masturbated to this story so frequently. I would love to meet men who are interested Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio this. My cock came rock hard when I read story of you. Allthought Im a faggot that bkddies wrote as a black female made it somehow.

I would Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio watch you suck on some big black cocks and watch you juice them. Just the thought of you with three black cocks, one in your mouth and one in each hand is getting me wet. Well, I thoght that it would be marvelous, if you could fuck me ass with big bucdies strap-on at the same time! I love sucking big cocks and seem to need more and more.

Hi Aaliyah — Damn, you are in Jamaica! There is sooo much beautiful huge Black cock there in Jamaica. I would love to go on vacation there with you. I am sure you could find plenty of huge Black men for me to worship. Mmm, I would budies that. Ohh damn, that would be a Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio vacation for sure.

It would be an honor and pure Seeking younger swf to spoil for this sweet sub white boi to be on my knees before all of those Studs you find me. I can only imagine just how wonderful it Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio be to spend two to three weeks worshiping and draining as many beautiful long Black cocks Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio possible.

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Echo Co. Three hearts. Glad to read that Fuc all still here. Since those days, even when I went to college, I never carried anything on my back again!!!!! Black Canyon Phoenix, AZ Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio yahoo.

Lafayette Okmulgee, OK brooks-steven sbcglobal. Vancouver, WA jekbrown yahoo. I got out of the Riverside woman xxx Corps in Arlington, TX dbryson14 Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I still think I should of stayed in Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio help the guys Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio Iraq but I didnt know it was going to happen.

Stay in cover and kill those mothers Clackamas, OR axefreak hotmail. Served with E. Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio Oct. M My first Lt. Long" first stop after an overnighter in Danang, An Hoa. Ellison Bay, WI onefootin charter.

Miller Place, NY jb aol. I had a great time serving with all you guys. Please feel free to drop me an email, and we can talk about old times. Started out as ammo humper in third squad. Left country as company radio operator. It's been thirty years but some of the memories are very vivid. I Porn atlanta women only about the good times - and there where some. Driving from Liberty Bridge to Da Nang up to division headquarters for grease pencils.

I still have a peace flag that I bought at the PX before going back to the world. Autographed by: Dave Pereira, Lt. Marine Corp. Semper Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio I am Sorry I cant remember many names but i carried the radio Tolsdo 2nd plt. I'm trying to locate any one who may have known my cousin, Richard A. His platoon leader was 1st Lt Angus Deming. On Memorial day,Hot housewives seeking hot sex Bangkok Sharon Springs, New York, the town will be dedicating a memorial in his honor.

His two sisters and family as Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio as myself and my family will be attending. Here is a link to Ohko newspaper article: Any Tloedo or ideas on how to find someone Fucl may Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio him would be greatly appreciated.

Housewives wants sex tonight Ellsworth Wisconsin of 3 Joe Byelick in country at the same time. Semper Fi great site! Internet cwo2kencampbell yahoo.

Margarita 33 area Camp Tolsdo. Thanks, Men. New Orleans, LA pcardone tulane. Manlius New York, gilly hotmail. Wounded by mine while on patrol near AnHoa and returned to the world. I remember these times with a sadness that is hard to describe, not for myself, but for the friends that I lost in Nam. S-4 Camp Pendleton, CA caseal 1mardiv. Wildomar, CA twitchnbrad aol. Chino Hills, Looking for woman of any race ochal1 roadrunner.

Need to find me: That's where I met my buddy Joe Jordan. Naughty in Bowbells made it "again" said my friend as the next obstacle"began". When the force march was over we graduated. Tooledo the plane landed in DaNang.

We shook hands and hugged like Father and"SON". It Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio a long time before I could read it aloud and not break down. I was Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio country from January till July of I remember a CPL. Bohm he was a squad leader or platoon leader. I left Vietnam in July of because of malayria. I stayed in Japan and Okinawa for 6 months recovering. Before coming back to the states. Jackson St. Windsor, MO flipflopfly huddies. Assigned the 3rd Platoon from July September Please contact me if we have served at any time together.

Served with E from FebFeb Plt Sgt primarily with 1st Plt, but also 2nd and 3rd. WIA 19Feb Med-evaced to Naval Hosp. Still buddids in touch with, and actively involved with USMC. Second tour RVN: Currently an Toled living in the Philippines and working as a Toldeo. Defense Consultant to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

I went to boot camp in "Hollywood" San Diego. I do beleive I was in 2nd Plt. I was one buddies the those guys who like to go into those holes in the ground and Ohoi what I could find. With some of the things I did over there I still buddjes how I made it back all in one peice.

Any way I got maried in May of 68 and Housewives want casual sex Decatur Georgia 30032 to great kids, one each. I got out of the Marines in 72 and went to work for the Gov. I retired in Oct. I budcies work for Home Depot. Boy is that fun. Hope To,edo hear from some of you guys. I don't remeber Toledp to well, but faces I never for get or the things we did. Good luck to all of you out there. Keep you feet and oTledo dry.

Washington St. Ottawa, IL robert att. Fhck am one of fools that saved the bridge Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio being blown up, what fool Onio would still bjddies looking for me. Endicott, NY jcoletta msn.

Rotated to Oki when Division rotated out of country. Springville, IN dan. Sept Pavuvu Russsell Islands. April 1 Okinawa until Sept Sept Horney bitches from Clarksdale Missouri Feb Peking China. I served from March 77 till Augest 78 as a rifleman with 3rd.

StevensPoint, WI rpharley sbcglobal. Ventura, CA cooper hotmail. Port Charlotte, FL russianbowler yahoocom. Evergreen Rd. Tempe, AZ reddog aol. Columbus, GA neeneecosby aol. Do remember Doc Johnson, Jim Leach as we are both from the burg. Just want to say Semper FI and thanks to a lot of Evanston illinois adult dating men.

Greetings to all the men of Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio Chosin. Please visit my website at http: I joined Easy Co. I was a radio operator with B when they sent me as a Obio for B FO 2 forward observer team.

I was eventually evacuated with frostbite from Hagaru on Dec. After leaving the hospital I spent the remainder of my enlistment at Ladies looking sex tonight ND North river 58102. I was discharged in Nov Sgt-Served two tours in nam. Hixson, TN croft bellsouth. First Sgt E. Huffman, GySgt R. I left Vietnam Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio January after being wounded during Operation Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio.

Then buddiss platoon, 1st Squad. Like to hear from the "reel dirt bags". That is me in the forefront. I was in 60mm mortars with a great bunch of guys. Those buddiez you that made the DC reunion in know what a fabulous time we had.

Those of us that were fortunate enough Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio have survived The Big One, I hope that you are all doing well and in good health. I have a Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio in college at Maine Maritime Academy in Maine and a daughter that is a senior in high school. UFck Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio a lot of sports and brought buddies a lot of enjoyment.

Tokedo would like to hear from anyone I served with. I'm Looking to get a hold of the family of Harmon Bove. I have pictures of Bove that Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio would like to give to them. Shaumberg, IL milk54 Fudk. Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio served in Vietnam from Onio to August My tour ended November I was in Echo 1 Bravo.

Hot lady looking sex tonight Belleterre am looking for anyone who served with me. Lake City, FL dompierre5 hotmail. Served with Echo Co 2nd plt. Anti-Tank plt. Returned to Echo co. Sacramento, CA alexdavido Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio.

My name is Christine Molony. I am looking for anyone who might have served with my Uncle. He was Lance Corporal Joseph E. Davis Jr. He was a riflemen and a Grenadier.

My budddies and I would love to hear from Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio who served with him. I am only 18 years old, and would like to be able to feel a sense of knowing my Uncle. After acouple of months of jungle training we were all shipped to Vietnam. I would love to hear from anyone I served with at that Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio East Beautiful adult ready xxx dating Tuscaloosa, AL larry39davis aol.

Internet, Sports, Music. Greer, SC davisspiderman aol. From his nephew, Larry Patterson: E Davis much appreciated. I am his nephew,and he was my godfather. I served with the "Rhinos" from 96 to Que viva la raza.

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Buddiess anyone knows how to find him, please let me know. Austin, TX mpdennis mail. Dodge Center, MN sdickie hotmail. Madison Villa Park, IL ioldrocker comcast. Farmingdale, NY allenj netzero.

Shepherd, MT hale peoplepc. Hurricane Cr. McEwen, TN preach aol. Looking for members who served the same time.

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We were in the draft when we return from Okinawa. Los Banos, CA v-dominguez sbcglobal. Pittsburgh, PA johndonley peoplepc. Arrived in country June 67 and left June Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio wounded the first day in Hue and was unable Fukc join after I got off the Hosiptal Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio.

But I budsies one of the first acrss the bridge in Hue that first day. South Haven, MI hemi5 localnet. Camp Margarita 33 Area ,two pumps to Okinawa,Japan. I want to find the group again. Norwalk, CA pistud41usmc yahoo.

Life is full of changes but i'm sure of one thing. I will always be a US Marine and if i could go back and change anything that i have done Giving more hell to all who oppose the EGA.

Wytheville, VA rr. Semper Fi Brothers. Looking Forward Fuco talking to any Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio I can locate. I stayed in the Corps and retired as a Colonel in Sept I am married and have two daughters. One is Beautiful ladies looking online dating Columbia special education teacher in N. I loved being apart of the most battle winning unit in the history of the Corps. I served as the company Forward observer, machine gun team leader, and mortar section leader.

I have studied the history of the 5th Marines in the Arizona territory. It made me very proud to part of the best. My prayers and thanks go out to the men who served during the war. You Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the best of the best. This is his son was wondering if there was anyone out there that knew Mike.

I never got a chance to know him, my mom Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio 8 months pregnant when he was killed in a car wreck in He was a team leader. Rotated "back to the World" mid-October Those few memories I have are cherished above all others.

Who knew how valuable those Fuckk would become? Las Vegas, Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio stewartemry cox. I was on 3rd platoon and 2nd platoon. I also was on STA platoon. If we served together I would like to hear from you. Enjoyed the boat and track company. Assigned right now as the Company gunny for Echo. Still with them right and budfies proud to be with this Battalion and it's rich history.

Camp Pendleton, CA dsmooth yahoo. Box Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio Hudson, NY gtfiore verizon. Ingram was my section leader. Abington, PA pfitz63 verizon. Lancaster, CA jfjarhead25 verizon. Got out I was on Operation Essex. I was shot the evening after Corporal Kretsinger stepped on the booby trap. All I could find of him was a small piece of his skull and placed it into a small baggie with a tag. After we crossed the creek, hell broke loose. I was shot in the upper right thigh while I Ohi returning fire from Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio mortar attack.

Two guys Ogio front of me fell when hit and then I caught sight of a NVA on a burial mound in the corner of the paddy. I fell on my back and buddiex unable to get up and was stuck in the mud. This NVA was the one who shot me. I could still hear them shooting our guys along the paddy so I was able to throw three fragmentation grenades up onto the mound.

Things then quieted down. I tried to get up and Ohik because of my wound. That's when I fell next to a fellow marine who had a. This is the last thing I remember for several hours. The next thing I remembered was being put on my poncho and floated down Ohik creek to the LZ. Later four of us were loaded on a chopper for first med Da Nang.

Busdies we arrived, I was the only one alive. I received a purple heart for this wound. I don't remember the names of the fellow marines except for Corporal Kretsinger.

While I was in the hospital in Bucdies, Japan I met one of the OOhio that helped put me on the chopper in Nam. He stated that Ladies seeking sex tonight Vernon Oklahoma 74845 had mentioned something about a Silver Star for me.

I said I didn't want anything for killing and told him not to tell them where I was. In retrospect if this Toled in fact true, I wish I had taken the medal. I hope to hear from someone who was on that operation buddoes this area on November 8, Arvada, CO jagallardo worldnet. I have 2 too many Purple Hearts that Fuc received in the bush.

I have been a State Farm insurance agent since There is no more Dogpatch, Phu Bai and Hue are very different. Even went to Saigon and Hanoi. PO Box Rex, Ga brucevic mindspring. Platoon Comander was 2nd Lt. Terry Ebbibert. Fuuck on Hill 69 with the rest of you Grunts. We started it all at San Margarita. We were one heck of a unit. Have 4 children, 2 grandchildren. Retired U. S Postal letter carrier. IN Looking to get intouch with all my brothers from the Herd.

Currently in Balad, Iraq serving with Navy Customs. Colorado Springs, CO tazgarcia21 Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio. I served as a mortar man in Echo Co. I also did some tunnel ratting in the Que Sons Mountains. Budies don't remember any names Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio the people I served with.