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From a creative point of view, this is reason to celebrate. Distraction and split attention will be mandatory.

So will aimless drifting and intuitive surfing. We will enter a collective dreamspace, an experience out of which the students will be expected to render works of literature.

Nothing is off limits: Students watching three hours of porn can use it as the basis for compelling erotica; they can troll nefarious right-wing sites, scraping hate-filled language for spy thrillers; they can render celebrity Twitter feeds into epic Dadaist poetry; they can recast Facebook feeds as novellas; Drifting Pennsylvania chat rooms they can simply hand in their browser history at the end of a session and present it as a memoir.

For a final assignment, I require them to buy a paper from Drifting Pennsylvania chat rooms paper mill, put their name on it, and defend it as their own—surely the most forbidden act in academia. In the class, students are penalized for originality, sincerity, and creativity.

Suddenly, new questions arise: And why? What do my choices about what to appropriate tell me about myself? My emotions?

My history? My biases and passions? The critiques turn toward formal improvement: Could I have swiped better material?

Could my methods in constructing these texts have been better? Not surprisingly, they Drifting Pennsylvania chat rooms. Every click is indicative of who we are: The idea for this class arose from my frustration with reading endless indictments of the Web for making us dumber.

And yet this is nothing new: From early hypertext experiments to newer forms such as Flarf and Alt Lit, writers have been scraping digital language and Drifting Pennsylvania chat rooms together challenging works of digitally sourced literature for the better part of four decades. Since our lives have pretty much moved to the screen, we can expect our time on the Internet to be as varied as life itself.

Learning and engagement continues as before, but it takes new and different forms. Recommended Stories.

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