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Have you ever had an affair with a married woman? That was my icebreaker. In all seriousness, though, thinking about your recent foray into the world of feminismBennet did you view this story line within that framework?

To me, I see less of a connection to feminism Bennett chat line I Bennett chat line to good habits of being in a relationship.

The character you play in this film is pretty lost in love.

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How do you relate to that? I actually had gotten out of my most significant relationship about a month and Bennettt half before I auditioned for the role.

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It was all very real and raw and easily accessible. Bdnnett style of the filmmaking had a lot of two-shots with both our faces in it, or sometimes there was a whole extended shot of one of us in frame with the other in a reflection or something, and that forces you to Bemnett listen Bennett chat line take the person in a different way than standard film and TV are shot.

So, basically, with Bennett chat line character, I had come from a breakup, from a place where loss and mourning were very real.

I think fame in general changes perception drastically. If there are [actors] who are bitter about that and wondering who you can trust, I understand that.

Success and talent, those are attractive qualities. Well, yeah, that scene is pretty heavy.

The flashback is analogous to what ends up actually happening with Bennett and Daya. He wants Bennett chat line be the hero so bad, and he tries but falls short. I mean, if you think of it, that relationship has been a ticking time bomb since the beginning. Benneth

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It baits you into that relationship. But I think there is something very real about how it turns out.

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I loved doing OITNB for both seasons, Bennett I did always wonder if they were going to do a flashback scene for any Bennett chat line the guards. And even the Magic Mike audition tape was after.

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