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At Classic Global Finance and Capital Limited understand your business needs and requirements completely. Corporate India predominantly has taken to traditional means of financing their business requirements. The primary cause for this, among other factors, would be the lack of focused players in the financing sector. Given the lack of structured financing solutions, limited skill sets, dearth of innovation in structuring transactions, restrictive regulations limiting the ability of financial institutions to offer customized solutions, corporate are left with very few options. This situation however, is where we at Classic Global see an opportunity by offering customized and structured solutions.

Apart from providing professional Services to the Company we also provide:

To carry on Investment business and to purchase acquire, subscribe, hold and dispose of or otherwise invest/deal in shares, debenture stock, bonds, obligations and securities, units and other instruments issued or granted by any company, constituted or carrying on business in India.

To act as agent/sub agents of various agencies, mutual funds, institutions for mobilization of funds, deposits, loans or other securities/units to act as their representatives in general and marketing representatives.

To act as investors, grantors, underwriters and financiers to lend or deal with the money either with or without interest or securities including current or deposited accounts with any Bank or Banks, other person or persons upon such terms and conditions as the Company may approve, provided that the company shall not do any banking business as defined under the Banking Regulations.

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At Classic Global Finance and Capital Limited understand ...

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